General News of Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Source: Adom News

JHS/SHS system is bogus and useless - Bishop Heward-Mills

The Presiding Bishop of mega church Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills says the Junior High School and Senior High School system is bogus and useless because it lacks integrity.

“…in my opinion there is nothing more bogus and useless than the JHS and SHS system that we have introduced and they should come back to ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level and go for the Examination Council of England not Ghana WAEC where everything is ‘apo’ (leakage of questions - there is no integrity in the exams at all, it is a bogus systems.”

Bishop Heward-Mills made the remark passionately in his New Year sermon on the topic “Loyalty and Faithfulness”.

He noted that the JHS and SHS system has made it possible for people to pay the officials who prepare the exams questions to leak the exams questions ahead of the exams.

Bishop Heward-Mills added that even when people write the exams fail, the officials are able to write out different results for children whose parents pay them good money.

He said when he was in school and wrote ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level, there was nothing like leakage of questions or faking of examination results, but the JHS and SHS system has made it easy for questions to leak and for exams results to be faked.

“I am entitled to one opinion under the United Nations (Human Rights Charter) and in my opinion this system is bogus and useless,” he emphasized.

Bishop Heward-Mills said because the system allows people who do not do well in exams to pass out as successful students, the schools are churning out thieves and crooks, some of whom played roles during the 2012 elections and executed the alleged rigging that NPP is talking about.

“Because there is no faithfulness and loyalty in the JHS and SHS system the country is being filled with petty thieves and liars and cheats and the whole system is confused and it showed in the elections – our stealing and unfaithfulness is revealed in the elections – there is nothing real – you might as well not vote,” he said.

Bishop Heward-Mills also said in that sermon that if what the NPP revealed about the election results was true then “it means all over the country nobody is telling the truth and Ghanaians are liars, thieves and cheats.”

He said because of the ‘kululu’ (fraudulent) nature of Ghanaians, Lebanese shop/supermarket owners in Ghana usually appoint their family members and colleague Lebanese as mangers and cashiers because they have good reason not to trust Ghanaians.

Bishop Heward-Mills therefore urged Ghanaians to embrace the qualities of faithfulness and loyalty in business, marriage, politics, work and every facet of life because those qualities are more rewarding that unfaithfulness and disloyalty.