General News of Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Source: Independent Newspaper

Plot against Afotey Agbo exposed;

Mahama set to repose confidence in him

Information gathered by The New Independent indicates that a diabolic attempt by some National Democratic Congress (NDC) stalwarts within the Greater Accra Region to wage a smear campaign against the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Nii Laryera Afotey Agbo, in order to have him replaced, has terribly backfired.

The said senior party activists, who have constituted themselves into leaders of NDC Ga caucus of some sort, want to quickly establish themselves as people of influence in the Greater Accra Region since the power base within the party has shifted.

They have therefore identified the Greater Accra Regional Minister as their first and easy target to advance their parochial interest.

Sources told this paper that, these supposed NDC Greater Accra gurus, who virtually ran the show in the Mills administration and gave very little respect to then Vice President John Dramani Mahama, have come to the realization that, their influence within the party has waned since the demise of President Mills.

They are therefore trying everything to regain their influence and they believe that, their influence can be solidified if the hardworking and committed Greater Accra Regional Minister is reshuffled in the new Mahama administration.

Sources close to the presidency told this paper that, the members of the Ga caucus made their diabolic intentions known when they visited President John Mahama recently at his official residence to ostensibly congratulate him on his election as the number one citizen of Ghana.

Further information gathered by this paper indicates that, persons hatching this diabolic plot against the Minister, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kpone Kantamanso, include some high ranking officials within the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), one of the new MPs in the Greater Accra Region, who was very influential in the Mills administration.

Meanwhile, a highly placed government official, who has also gotten wind of the clandestine plot by these persons, supposed Greater Accra NDC caucus, condemned the act describing it as divisive and immature.

According to him, President Mahama is on top of issues and will not be swayed by certain selfish interest groups within the region who do not have the overall interest of the party at heart.

The top NDC guru is of the firm belief that, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo will be maintained in view of his hard work in the Region as well as his unalloyed loyalty to the party, which dates back to his cadre days.

“In my view, Afotey Agbo has run the region quite efficiently since he was appointed and I have no doubt in my mind that, President Mahama will reward hard work and loyalty,” the top party official affirmed.

“Greater Accra is very essential to our re-election in 2016 and therefore we must not do anything that will create unnecessary division and tension in the region just because a few selfish individuals want to call the shots in the Region. Surely the NDC is far bigger than any individual, including the President,” the top party activist further warned.