General News of Monday, 7 January 2013

Source: Daily Guide

NDC goons on rampage in Kumasi

Residents of Maakro in the Suame Constituency of Kumasi on Sunday afternoon suffered the unpleasant situation of being whipped with belts, chains and other deadly items by National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters who also wielded machetes and decided to take the law into their own hands.

The people of the hitherto peaceful community were going about their duties peacefully when suddenly the NDC fans, who were in an Accra-bound bus from the northern part of the country, unleashed venom on them without any justification.

The blood thirsty NDC goons, reportedly, smashed glasses of cars in their way, looted loaves of bread being along the road side and injured innocent people before speeding away in their buses, amid chants of “free education, free education.”

The NDC supporters, who were clad in their party colours, the paper gathered, were suspected to be based in the northern part of the country, and they were travelling to attend the inauguration ceremony of President-elect John Dramani Mahama in Accra, today.

Upon reaching Maakro, which is a vehicular traffic prone area in Kumasi, the Yutong and Metro Mass Transit buses that were ferrying the NDC fans started blowing their horns, indicating to other cars on the road to move aside and pave way for them to go.

Though the road was choked with cars, the NDC fans, most of whom were seen sitting in the windows of the buses, still insisted that all the cars in the area move aside and give them way to move, an order which the other drivers plying the road refused to oblige.

Since the drivers in the other cars decided not to heed their command, the irate NDC fans that were armed-to-the-teeth with weapons like machete, belts and chains, alighted from their vehicle and started beating any person on sight mercilessly.

Within minutes, their dangerous attack had spread to the other areas like wild fire, compelling fear-stricken people trading on the road notably bread sellers to take to their heels, leaving their products behind which were looted by the NDC fans that had taken total control of the area.

An eye witness told the paper that dozens of people that were walking by the roadside, including some elderly women, suffered beatings as they were whipped by the NDC hoodlums who also threw stones and other items from the bus to people on the ground.

He said the unfortunate incident also happened at the Suame Roundabout when the NDC fans reached that area as well.

The eye witness said he saw some of the NDC supporters carrying deadly weapons like bows and arrows.