Feature Article of Monday, 7 January 2013

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

Vague Bravado Of The Young Patriots’ “Chair”

A Pro NPP group known as Young Patriots are on their usual fret and flexing of muscle to embark on a demonstration soon after the investiture of the President but luck was not on their side to have their well planed “demo” shattered by the Accra Regional Police Command who did not waste time to veil their countenance on the ill motive of Young Patriots whose pressures are always directed on the progress of the Nation when it is not emanating from the quarters of one political Party. However, the entire membership of this so called pressure group is from the opposition New Patriotic Party.

They claim to demonstrate against what they called “the stolen verdict” as inference to the declaration of President Mahama as the President elect. The agonizing aspect of this group is how they intend to awaken turbulence in the midst of the prevailing serenity of the Country. The empty bravado by the Chairman of the group is enough to attest to this assertion. “We will defy the police order and go ahead with the demonstration since we have the right to do so with or without police protection.” What Mr. Nyamah refused to understand is that, the police presence at every demonstration is not only to protect demonstrator but the general innocent public who might brazenly be drawn into the deed by some incensed demonstrators.

Again, the Police accompany demonstration to sustain orderliness and make sure the rules of the game are adhered to. No individual or persons or group has the mandate to demonstrate though a constitutional right without the permission of the police. Mr. Nyamah with so much uppity and over zealousness reeked as saying “We wish to state unequivocally that the demonstration will come on as stated on 8th January because the excuse given by the police is untenable and not convincing enough for us to change the date of our demonstration.” How can a group tout itself as “Patriots” and intend to flout the very elements of a Patriotic citizen?

Needless to say, the group is attempting to embark on a pre-judicial judgment of a case that is already at the Supreme Court. If the NPP had not petitioned the Supreme Court, then the young Patriots have the constitutional permission to wail and snivel for public sympathy of their course. Their action and intent to go on their demonstration is nothing but subjecting the NPP’s petition into the public adjudication and consequently inciting their gullible supporters to disrupt the peace Ghana is enjoying. Demonstration is necessary in the wake of silence pertaining to an issue of National concern not when the subject concerned is yet to be determined by the constitutional mandate body of our land.

Besides, Young Patriots as they assumed to be called without a speck of patriotism must understand that, there is a reason to seek permission from the Police before taking to the street. If they have answers to the outcome of the consent requested from the Police earlier, why in the first place did they make the contact? In other words, if the Young Patriots decided to defy the Police order as opined by the Chairman, it was only prudent to go ahead with the demonstration without seeking permission from them. The mere paper presentation as a formality has more to it than this group thinks. The Police have every right under the law to coil any illegal action by any group to destabilize public peace. Let no one read political meanings to any rebuttal by the Police when this illegal hijack of the road occurred.

According to the Chairman “The police in their argument pointed to a publication by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on Saturday, December 15, 2012 in the Ghanaian Times newspaper to the effect that AMA has banned all unauthorized use of public parks; we were therefore instructed to seek permission from the AMA to be able to use Obra spot and any other public space.” Taking into consideration the reason for the police disapproval, it is only plausible for Mr. Richard Nyamah and his ilk to turn to the directive and advise by the Police to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to ask for permission for their demonstration than going on the rampage with vacuous threats. Mr. Nyamah and his group cannot hold this country into hostage by attempting to break a simple but binding law of the land.

Here is another statement from Mr. Nyamah flagrantly undermining the Ghana Police Service. “The Young Patriots are using this opportunity to inform our teeming supporters to prepare and gather at the Obra spot by 7am on Tuesday 8th January”. Now, in an attempt by another pressure group that seeks to counter their illegitimate demonstration, what will be the possible consequence? In a democratic country and where rule of Law is supreme, people do not conduct themselves as though we live in a jangle. The rules are clear and no one needs not to bend them for their parochial partisan interest. We all have a role to play to ensure Ghana is at peace after the December elections. The country cannot afford to compromise any recklessness on the part of citizens who potentially intend to plunge Ghana into bedlam.

The Police have given grounds why the Young Patriots cannot hit the street on Tuesday 8. As stated emphatically “The police further stated that they are unable to approve the 8th January date because they would have just finished with the swearing in activities of the President”. If the Young Patriots have any good and pressing purpose to go on the demonstration without being viewed as a propaganda mechanism to win contemptible political peak, they should fathom with the Police reason and choose an appropriate date and put a stop to their inflammable pronouncements. Patriots respect state institutions and are not selective in action with recourse to political expediency. Mr. Nyamah must put his house to order and cooperate with the Police for amicable panacea to their sudden fit caused by the security.

Ghana deserves better especially from those who claim to know it all and parade themselves as democrats aside being Patriots. The comments by Mr. Richard Nyama are risibly affronted on state institutions and abysmal display of harangue. If the Young Patriots believe in rule of Law, then they needlessly do not have to interfere in the Judiciary and respect the public order act to spare Ghana from their unguarded dithering intent of their cohorts to allow the peace in Ghana impeccably stronger. Ghanaians are watching with an eagle eye.

Kashaa Nuhu babnuh11@yahoo.com