General News of Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Source: Ralph Wreck It

Open Letter To The MTTU Boss

Dear Sir,

I wrote an article a few days ago about the traffic conditions which every Ghanaian Commuter finds him/herself in to report to work every morning and back home safe every evening. My article was not insolent but angry and I was expecting a kind of reaction but nothing, completely nothing has changed.

I am not looking for a public confrontation, I will never dare, but I and the citizens of this beautiful city have the right to know what the authorities are doing about the road conditions at every hour and in some particular places or junctions.

I also noticed that at the most important time of the day from 5pm to 8 pm, not a single MTTU officer is deployed at least in the area I drive every evening.

I disagree with some disrespectful comment against your High Office but you have to admit that nothing much is being done by your people on the ground to give a positive impression about their professional contribution, actually there is an area where the uniformed men are extremely effective stopping cars with trial and foreign numbers.

I remember that in the past, after 6pm no trial number was allowed to drive and I appreciate it when the officers stop such vehicles. What is unclear to me is the application of the law instantly on site and like magic a few exchange of sympathies, some hand shake and the same vehicles are back on the road.

We still see gigantic traffic jams at the same places and patrol with high light driving in the opposite direction on the motorway.

This was the article: The MTTU and Ghana Traffic Please Sir, with all due respect, your office needs to do something about it; at least a public reply for the people to understand what is going on and have some peace of mind anytime they are about to enter their vehicles.