General News of Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Source: myjoyonline

I will strip Woyome naked - Raymond Archer

Editor in chief and publisher of the Enquirer newspaper, Raymond Archer has vowed to match beleaguered businessman, Alfred Woyome boot for boot if he dares wage any media war against him (Archer).

The two have been battling for the ownership of the Enquirer newspaper in court, and occasionally do banter in the media.

Raymond Archer has accused Mr Woyome of being a "fraudster" for claiming ownership of the newspaper. He warned that Mr Woyome would be courting trouble for himself if he goes about bragging with the paper.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s current affairs talk-show, Ekosii-Sen on Monday, Raymond Archer warned: “I am telling Alfred Woyome not to start it again because I am ready for him. If he dares do that we will go the full haul. He did it in the past and has started again but this time he will not have it easy at all. I will expose him to the whole world. Enough is enough.”

Mr. Raymond Archer described Alfred Woyome as someone who has not done anything enough to deserve the accolade, financier of the NDC.

Raymond Archer asserted that he lobbied for the 'self-acclaimed' NDC financier to be appointed Honorary Consul at Ghana's Embassy in Austria.

“What is Woyome talking about? I lobbied for him to be given the position of Honorary Consul of Austria because he was never qualified. The consulate said they needed a German but for my intervention, Woyome was given the job and a German was as well appointed. He should be very careful because I will soon strip him naked. Enough is enough. He did it to Rawlings and others who fought him. Why? Only one person?” he bellowed.

He challenged Alfred Woyome to tell the whole world the work he was doing before he was paid the controversial judgement debt. “Before Woyome was given the judgement debt, where has Woyome worked? I am saying this because as a consul, he was not being paid. When you are doing the work of a consulate, you are not being paid so how come he is claiming to be a rich man. Woyome should be careful because he cannot take it all when he starts again”.

He cautioned persons around Mr Woyome to be mindful of their relationship with him. “You see, Woyome and I have been friends for a year and half. I know how come we broke up and I am telling those around him like Kwame Tawiah (his spokesperson) to be very careful”.

He further stated: ”After being deported from Libya, Woyome hasn’t gone anywhere before but just going around bragging. He claimed he was a spokesperson of Gaddafi where was he when Gaddafi visited Ghana? Even the CAN 2008 contract he used to claim the judgement debt, I know everything about it and even helped him. In fact Woyome is nobody”.

The publisher of the Enquirer newspaper also claimed he broke up with his wife because of Alfred Woyome. "I broke up with my wife because of Woyome.

Raymond Archer has vehemently denied that Mr Woyome set up and financed the Enquirer newspaper for him (Archer)...“Everybody knows that I was an editor at the Chronicle newspaper. At aged 26, I won the world journalist of the year and was give 36,000 Euros so who says I could not finance my own newspaper. Woyome does not know what he is talking about”.

He warned Alfred Woyome to be very careful with some of his statements because he is treading on dangerous grounds.

In a sharp rebuttal, Alfred Woyome noted that he had done everything possible for Raymond Archer and was surprised at Mr Archer's attitude.

He recounted how he met Raymond Archer as a reporter then at Chronicle and helped him with the Enquirer newspaper. “Raymond Archer is just talking because now he is being used by my detractors. I have done everything for him in this world. Ask him how he was financing the Enquirer. I got him offices and bought him a car and for the wife too”.

He refuted assertions by Raymond Archer that he (Woyome) was deported from Libya. “Did I hear Raymond Archer saying I was deported from Libya, then he is hallucinating”.

He admonished Raymond Archer to "shut up. Who was he at all? Raymond is just embarrassing himself so he should stop it and shut up”.