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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Comment: Civil war??? Get ready.

2012-12-24 19:03:54
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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Are Ghanaiaans ready for this civil war that is slowly and gradually been ochestrated by nana akuffu addo and his npp? Nana and his men have created the impression in the minds of their followers that, at all cost the SC ruling will be in their favour. Where will lie the fate of members of the judiciary if the SC rules in favour of the EC? Will they suffer just like how some journalists were treated by their ganster violent blood thirsty followers? Intrestingly some have started flying their families out of the country. Time will tell??!!!

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12-24 06:55
Civil war??? Get ready.
12-24 19:03