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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Comment: Baboon idiot

Omar edem , New York
2012-12-24 13:47:48
Comment to:
what's pathetically foolish about that??

Samson-stone or what ever ur name mayb , mumu like u wants contribute. Which event have u being following. Aboa like u. Idiot. U clearly one of these NPP pathetic fool , check ur leader up , either u fools are delusional or on metaphentamine or clearly brain dead , bcos people like u can't c or read btw any line. , I am glad ur pathetic fool Akuffo Addo "is coming " to court bcos we are desperately waiting and running out of time .I wish the courts can give him more time to collect more stupid evidence to present. Idiot. Mumu like u. Ur NPP leader is clearly not a leader NO leadership skill
Of course I can c u r foolishly myopic
The next time u come on remember this if u hv nothing sensible to share then
1) keep ur mouth shut
2)keep ur mouth closed
3) make u fcukin shut the fuck up.

Na chineke pity u make repent bcos u no get brain for head. Empty barrel.

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12-24 06:55
Baboon idiot
Omar edem , New York
12-24 13:47