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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Comment: Re: It is all demographics and mathematics

Nana Yaw III
2012-12-24 12:25:11
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It is all demographics and mathematics

According to the 2010 Census the total population of Ghana is 24,658,823.

The combined poulations of the Ashanti and Eastern regions is 7,413,534.

Subtracting this from the rest of Ghana leaves the 8 remaining regions at 17,245,289.

Now voterwise, we have the following:

National Registered Voters: 14,031,793

Ashanti/Eastern: 3,986,804

The other 8 regions: 10,044,989

I do not have onhand the voter turnout, but whichever way you look at it, after winning the 8 regions with over 50% and chalking 42% in Eastern and 29% in Ashanti, it is very difficult for the NPP's Presidential candidate to have won.

Mathematically, The NPP's it might be possible to win the Presidential seat if the win in the two mentioned regions were around 90% in each case.

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12-24 06:55
Re: It is all demographics and mathematics
Nana Yaw III
12-24 12:25