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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

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2012-12-24 08:55:50
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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

at times its very difficult to deal with drug addict ,the next time there s going to be an elections in ghana ,the presidential candidate should go for medical check up , any found to be drug addict like nana akuffo addo should be disqualify ... nana addo if the drug you ve been taken has made u to see things differently , i want to tell you , you can never be president in ghana at all cost ..if professor attah mills went to court in 2004 because he claimed the electoral commission rigged the elections andf massaged the figures to favour the npp . the ndc pleaded with court to let the EC recount some of the polling styations result s , the court refused and threw the NDC case out from court ,,,akuffo addo should bear in mind if the court grant him his request there will be war in ghana .as the npp said they will make the country ungovernable , if there was a war in ghana today , we will taerget him akuffo addo and eliminate him ,for him to go and rule in the kingdom of the dead . nana wee smoker and drug addict let peace prevail in ghana , there s no way you can be president in ghana ..we the peace loving ghanaians have tolerated you for soo long ...kwasia panin ,you can never be president at all cost ... fool

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nana cocaine
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