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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Comment: The NDC has rigged elections since 1992.

Victor A. Young
2012-12-24 08:38:52
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Let us all wait and see how our judicial system work; whether it's powerful and able to stand as a totally independent and unbiased; whether it's controlled by some external/internal forces, as a puppet on a string, we just have to wait quietly and see. It's interesting to note that then NDC have rigged elections since 1992 to date!

To the NDC, election "tiiif-tiiif" is a common thing. Why not; they won't blink an eye to steal the ballot; they'll send their macho-men and scouts on motor-bikes to snatch ballot boxes just to cause confusion.

For now, Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP has made their intentions clear, since the election results were announced; when it became evidently clear that the NDC had once again stollen the ballot. What we as citizens of Ghana should understand is that elections are held to determine who Ghanaians want as President in a free and fair manner or atmosphere; elections are not meant to be stollen amidst insults and intimidations as we're witnessing.

It's appalling for NDC's leaders, esp Asiedu Nketia to appear in public fora and openly insult people; the NDC is noted for beating and killing innocent people and that is unacceptable! Mr. John Mahama told Ghanaians not to allow fools to govern them; Asiedu Nketia says an idiot could go to court.

As I've already posted, the NPP and their leaders have served the Supreme Court notice to challenge the EC's hurriedly-announced election results. Let's pray for a good judgement. May God bless our Homeland Ghana.

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12-24 06:55
The NDC has rigged elections since 1992.
Victor A. Young
12-24 08:38