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I'm coming; Akufo-Addo tells Supreme Court

Comment: People Perish from Lak of Knowledge

Nana Yaw III
2012-12-24 07:45:47
Comment to:
God be on your side

Hosea 4:6.

Yes, that is the prolem of people like you. What you need is knowledge, knowledge before prayers.

With a little bit of knowledge, you would have known by now that Nana Addo has no valid legal evidence to overturn the election results in his favour.

The God you pray to, knows that Nana Addo did not win the elections. So His Will will be done, and Nana Addo's case will be thrown out of the supreme court.

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12-24 06:55
People Perish from Lak of Knowledge
Nana Yaw III
12-24 07:45