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RTU Chief Executive resigns

Comment: RTU

Concern Citizen
2012-12-17 09:20:19
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well said but

You did not make any point. I guess you already have some hatre on Dagombas.Fighting and killing their chief does not mean we should not be united. We talking about soccer here and the reallity of RTU not performing is not about dagombas killing their chief. The truth is there, lets just make some independent investigation and you will see the truth, if you really concern let go the grounds interview the plays and take back their feedback seriously. We should not be leaning towards management, they don't play the soccer is only the players. Also let us hold our people accountable for improper behaviour. Mr. Abu should have been fire long time for not obeying the rules and regulation of the league. So my brothers, all the finger pointing that dagombas killed their chief associating it to soccer is baseless. Now soccer is about money and not pride, those days they were playing for pride now is not like that is all about money. So lets evaluate RTU problem critical whether the players were well pay and also are they pay in time? because they have families to take care of and beside that that is their job. I remember in the begining the coach of RTU were crying for not getting pay, all these thus not motivate players.

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12-16 13:42
Concern Citizen
12-17 09:20