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NPP to stage demonstration over election result in Kumasi

Comment: ban Akyem Akufo Ado from entering Kumasi

osei yaw - london
2012-12-15 17:35:32
Comment to:
where is the evidence?

The Asanteman authorities must ban this Akyem Akufo Ado from entering Kumasi

- this Akyem Akufo Ado shows no respect for Asantes; for, without the knowledge and consent of Asantes but with his evil mind, he went on to threaten that his weak Akyem tribe and powerful Asante tribe are same peoples in a super powerful fantansy tribe called "Akans" who would gang up to slaughter ("all die be die") our noble and loving Fantes, Gas and Ewes should they fail to vote for him to win at the Elections to be President of Kwame Nkrumah Ghana; good work

- Fantes, Gas and Ewes did not vote for him; he lost; but Asantes don't give a damn because Asantes have nothing to do with this Akyem Akufo Ado; yet

- this Akyem Akufo Ado still thinks foolishly and goes about saying stupid things; he thinks he can order Asanres to go to slaughter Fantes, Gas and Ewes because they did not vote for him to win; and, he has in his pea brain a Ghana Supreme Court made up of buffoons who are going to command that, the EC's Declaration has no legal effect; and that Mahama be shifted aside to make him Akufo Ado the President; a dimwit

- this Akyem Akufo Ado is; he is a public nuisance and Asantes don't want him in their mist

- the Asanteman Authorities must ban him from entering Kumasi; come to it, any where in Asante; he has sufficient space at Akyem Kibi to accommodate him with his Akyems

Oaei Wusu-Khanin / osei yaw - london

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12-15 08:16
ban Akyem Akufo Ado from entering Kumasi
osei yaw - london
12-15 17:35