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US urges voters to accept results

Comment: we need peace

sandra amoah
2012-12-12 00:15:25
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US urges voters to accept results

Ghaians pls i beg in the name God pls accept in other to bring peace and prosperity for the country our neighbouring countries are fighting let set an example for them since are the only i guess survivour of westafrica even though nija dey them they for fightself me i dey usa but i dont want trouble at ma country there ma friends oo charliee i cherish them oo haa so Ghana no matter ur party font tink about fighnt cos u fight now that president or leader he dey get money u will take plane make him leave kabkaba beffore u know u na ur God dey ghana with dat wat self plss in behalf of ma frinds in usa i say not war so we can visit

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12-11 12:17
we need peace
sandra amoah
12-12 00:15