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US urges voters to accept results

Comment: Not too fast my friends in the US

2012-12-11 12:50:49
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US urges voters to accept results

Yes you may have congratulated the president elect but for democracy to work, if there is evidence that votes have been tempered with, then we encourage everyone to take the time to just look at the figures - numbers don't lie. If these votes weren't manipulated, then the outcome will be thesame. For transparency and truth's sake, let the NPP prove their point and if indeed Mr Mahama is a peaceful person, also concede. He may or may not know how the numbers worked in his favour. The next step will be for the EC to let us know where they got their numbers from - numbers very different from what all the other parties saw on the ground and signed for. Long live Ghana!

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12-11 12:17
Not too fast my friends in the US
12-11 12:50