General News of Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Source: peacefmonline

There Is No Truth That Can Be Hidden - Dr Amoako Tuffour

Former head of the School Feeding Programme, Dr Amoako Tuffour has questioned the fairness of the 2012 elections with particular reference for the number of rejected ballots recorded.

According to Dr Tuffour, an electoral process cannot be described as free and fair when there are reports of switched polling results among others.

“After several elections, we don't have spoilt ballots to that extent... I don’t want to over stretch that point. Secondly, there’ve been situations where numbers are switched around. These will eventually come out. There is no truth that can be hidden.”

“The conditionalities do have a limit. 48 hours to come up with the results; whether it is fair or foul, whether things have happened, whether 48 hours you cannot remedy, puts a big restriction on the electoral process of this country.”

Dr. Tuffour added that it was important to consider such discrepancies in order to ensure the sustenance of peace. “If we have problems, we need time to resolve them for the peace and stability of this country.”