Feature Article of Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo

The Electorate has spoken

Kojo Tamakloe

I wish to congratulate all that took part in the election. Whether you were elected or not , you are still a WINNER . Without your participation and the issues you brought up Ghana would not have been better off . Competition is a system that if applied properly gives rise to PROGRESS. Progress is what we need and so we need to sit back, look at our strengths and weaknesses and make improvements . No organization can be like the proverbial “ rabbit” who in the race with the tortoise went to sleep and was overtaken.

The History Of Ghana . Ghana made the fastest progress when those around the seat of power and decision making were progressive and intelligent. It is easy to read from the names that come up. In the days of osagyefo there were names like Prof Abrahams and the Padmores and Garveys , Martin Luther Kings . These were thinkers from all over the world. Flt Lt J J Rawlings also had a penchant for surrounding himself with such intellectuals. The Obengs,the Boatcways, the Tsikatas and then the late Prez Mills. Ghana again moved forward . That was the “yoko garri” revolution . Now we need the “ emo tuo” revolution As I congratulate President Mahama and all those who worked hard to make the success possible, I want to remind them of the EXPECTATIONS from the electorate. We demand a better Ghana and the only way you can do that is being all inclusive. Four years is short and I am not about to advice how you will deal with the slowest and negative party called NPP. As a student of chemistry I learnt that “ in a chemical reaction, the rate of that reaction will be determined by the slowest rate” . Unfortunately , the NPP has shown how slow they can be in grasping issues. To see the benefits of education took them 50 years and only after Uganda and Kenya had also implemented it. Winners do not follow but take the lead. Then leadership is about taking the unchartered path. We need to do that . Mr President , they are Ghanaians , and you will have to find a way to carry them along . But with the Human resource we have coupled with the natural resources we need to practice “HOME” , harnessing our meaningful efforts . My suggestion is registry for all the experts we have in and out of the country to be utilized for national development . The challenges are many but we can safely say , agriculture and feeding the nation at the least cost , quality, relevant education giving rise to requisite skills for jobs and job creation and of course industrialization.

Mr President Corruption is a problem you have to overcome. Strengthen the systems so that corruption will not be easy. Please make those involved also pay . No fear or favor .

Environmental issues . Out dirty cities and environs are crying for attention .

But once again congratulations . May God guide you in office

The writer Kojo Tamakloe an Nkrumaist believes it is through African Unity that we can overcome our underdevelopment