General News of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Source: Romeo Adzah Dowokpor

JM on one-on-one with Nana

JM:Big bro,wassup?
Nana:Chale,the campaign be tough ooo,l swear l taya sef.

JM: Bros,eno be easy oo but l go win on Friday one touch,u say weytin?
Nana:Hahahaaha,see this boy oooo. That's baloney talk

JM: Ooh big bro,you dey insult me?
Nana: Just joking ooo,but l figa say u get copyright for baloney top ooo. U want make l remind you of somethings?

JM:It's ok, look l get election to win ooo,l g
o put you for ground like joke like joke
Nana: At all cost l for win this election. You saf u no dey respect ppl wey grow pass you. You still be young and get swag too,just give me the chance to chop president some. Don't be greedy wai. Ooh lm sorry,it was a slip of tongue

JM:Big bro paaa,you couldn't even say sorry to the people when you said 'all die be die' but now that you want make l give you power,you dey talk sorry. You go come talk true.
Nana:Why l'm l even speaking pidgin with you? JM,you need free SHS. You speak pidgin with class. Well,you bring fond memories of those days Fifii Mills and my good self used to speak pidgin on Legon Campus,the Legon girls loved it. Na Mills be my body body ooo,(eeeiissh,l just spoke pidgin). Did you know that he made a promise to me that he was gonna make me win this year's election?

JM:Eeeiissh Senior,from 'all die be die' to all lie be lie?
Nana:Becareful the way you talk to me ok? You want me to 'show you something small' errh? Yooo.

JM: It's not the case at all,big bro. We have to release some tension,you know?? We must live in peace now, during and after the elections. We cannot fuss and fight amongst ourselves,leadership must show the way
Nana:Eeeiissh,you this boy,you are campaigning with this one too? You people like propaganda ooo. You won't get any vote from this,the people are waiting for Free SHS and we need peace to do that you know??

JM:Big bro,make you no verse me ooo, l hear say your Free SHS collapsed on stage Sunday night?
Nana:Aaahh JM,you need Free SHS to stop this your Vandal thing ooo. But hey,kid bro,how is Woyome doing?

JM:Who is that?
Nana:Eeiish Ewuradee,Today, JM does not know Woyome?

JM: Nana,please don't take sand sand come mix my gari wai.
Nana: Waa look,when l say 'all die be die',people don't understand me.

JM: Can you sing aluguituigui? Let's sing our hearts out.
Nana: l can sing paapaa

JM:Ok,let's start right away. Woe dea aluguituigui
Nana: Gui

JM:Wo ye dea aluguituigui
Nana: Gui gui gui guiiiii

JM: Alunguituigui!!!
Nana:Woyome Woyome, Woyome Woyome,Woyome eeeeee,gargantuan ooo mu.......

JM:Waa look,power 'all cost' man,this is not the song l askd us to sing
Nana: Heeheheh,JM,l swerve you