Entertainment of Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Source: Ewurabena Hagan

Challenge Contestants Speak On Arts, Culture And Tourism

The six remaining contestants in the season four of the education reality show, The Challenge on Sunday put their debating prowess on display when they ventured into their tasks as presidential candidates battling it out on what policies they have for Ghanaians on education, employment, health, job creation, arts and tourism if they were voted into office.

In what was described as the decider for the contestants, after which one would be eliminated in the last eviction show before the grand finale, the Challengers began the debate task outlining their policies on curbing graduate unemployment.

The debate on arts and culture was an interesting one, some of the contestants were of the view that arts and culture has not been clearly defined so when voted into office would define arts and culture to know exactly what it entails in order to give it maximum attention.

One of the contestants said currently a research is on going to know exactly how much art and culture contributes to the Ghanaian economy and with the results from this research; he would make sure to make the arts and culture industry attractive enough to ensure high patronage by both local and foreign patrons.

Some of the contestants expressed their happiness about the 2 million Ghana Cedis that was given to the president of Musiga, Obour by the late President Mills to revamp the music industry. Most of them pledged their allegiance to this task and said if the music industry with the necessary funds can yield profits and boost the economy, then they will make provisions for it in their annual budget.

Almost all the contestants talked about the need to embark on massive marketing and advertising campaigns focusing on the country’s tourist using the global media to encourage more foreign visitors to these tourist sites.

The rebuttals from the contestants after their presentation on arts, culture and tourism policies was indeed a heated one that saw all the contestants defending their policies. Indeed all the contestants proved why they had to be voted for to implement their policies with interesting rebuttals on the various submissions by the contestants.

With the debating task over the judges would now decide which five of the six remaining contestants would sail into the grand finale. Meanwhile Emma was last week evicted based on the creativity task. Viewers can save their favourite contestants by texting their names to short code 6012.

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