Feature Article of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Columnist: Boamah, Ebenezer

Ghana at the Crossroads

Ghana the beloved nation of the Most High God has come to birth. Come December 7 2012, the nation would go through an unprecedented process of its molding. The December 7th election is non like any other in the history of the nation by various characteristics and facts. As fallen human beings who have tendered to believe in many things but God, we may look at the elections as just one of the some gone, and many to come. We may recognize it to be highly contested as such, having the potential to generate violence to any degree possible. Notwithstanding, hidden and spiritual are the most important meaning and significance to December 7th election. December 7th is the Jordan Crossing. Ghana haven been through painful journey toward the Promised Land since independence, will squeeze through by the Hand of the Almighty, who is her Help, into an era that would culminate in the very soon to come revelation of the true Prince, Christ Jesus (Yeshuah). God for Ghana, Ghana for God Ghana was at the crossroads when it was given birth at our independence in the 1957, but this time mother Ghana is going through the process of giving birth. Ghana, by the Hand of God is giving birth to an era that would see the beginning of the reign of light. Ghana is truly going to move forward ever without looking back. Ghana will never be the same. We have moved back and forth until now as a nation in our development. There is going to be an unprecedented forward movement in our prosperity. This is going to be fueled by a great spiritual renewal of the nation. Those who are the true sons and daughters of God would see great spiritual purification and empowerment like never before. Those sons and daughters would be drawn from all over. They are found in all various religious colorations, but would all converge under one Shepherd, the Christ, the Son of God. They would worship God in truth and in spirit without any hypocritical tendencies, which would cause massive showers of blessings to inform the nation’s development. Election 2012 will start the purging of evil from the nation, starting from the top until the true sons and daughters of the Most High fills the government of the nation. Corruption and all kinds of evil are going to be less and less attractive to indulge until it is purged from the public sector and in the societies. The outcome of Election 2012, being a positive charge from God to the cries of those who seek His face for help, will see the banishment of political parties which foundations are not on good but evil, and usher in the purification of the ones with good intent; and the death of the lukewarm ones. Election 2012 aftermath will dignify the place of being in opposition, where credible party would not detract government but put her in check. Election 2012 will usher in a new era, the era of the heralds has expired, those signifying the time of the King are to sit on the lap of Christ to lead the people until His physical revelation – there will come a servant of God into the Jubilee House (not Flag Staff). WARNING! God is about to deliver His people. He, God would not countenance any act of evil in subverting the enthronement of His chosen. It is not just an election, but the spiritual battle between The God of Hosts, and the great Serpent, the Devil. Therefore those who heed to the course of the Devil would receive their just punishment. Those who wrought violence would die violently; especially the ballot box snatchers and mayhem causers would have their blood flow without let. The true and good people of Ghana will be filled by the angels of God to protect the elections and people. Our security is not in the hands of the security forces, but in the very Hand of the One Who is Able, Yahweh Sabbaoth. He is the one who chooses the ones to protect. Therefore those in the forces as well will act according to the spirit that would possess each on the Day. They could well be discharged by the Almighty on the Day, for people who are moved by the Spirit of God to see to free and fair election. Woe to them that die for evil. All the machinations of evil cheaters would be exposed and not prosper. God will prevail, and bless His people. He, Yahweh will be our true ruler thenceforth. Praise be to God, Who blesses His people. Amen

Ebenezer Boamah

Email: ebenbo@yahoo.com (The author is a man of God, whose mandate is to national interest of all spheres, for ‘the spirit is not void of the flesh’).