Feature Article of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Columnist: Mubarak, Alhaji

Come, Nana Addo Danquah Come

Come, Nana Addo Danquah Come.
Come, O Messanger of Ghana’s time that has come
Come Bcos your time for Ghana has come,
Come bcos Ghana’s time for you has come

Come, Nana Addo Danquah Come.
Come O redeemer, Come .
Come, O reformer, Come .
Ghana needs you
now, Come .

Appear, O rider of
our Nation’s Destiny
Appear, O light of the dark realm of change
Illumine the scene of this dark existence b4 us
Dwell in the darkness of our eyes,
And remove from it the trachoma of Wayohomy and Ibrahomy
That we can see the New Ghana of prosperity and hope
Which you are
bringing to us

We and Ghana are now like a candle in the wind
It is not easy for the candle to throb alone
Unless there is an honest guide, a good shepherd
How long shall we linger, in this shame of arrogant
How long shall we wait for one to come and share our gargantuan
How long shall we search for a confidant
To Remove the stabbing darkness from our mirror
Come O comrade of Development in Freedom,
Come, O Comrade of Democracy and the Rule of Law
To be the mirror of our all-burning desire for a New

Come Nana Addo, Come.
You are a sword of peace and national transformation
Come forth to us out of your sheath
Fulfil your task of giving us Free and Quality SHS
Fulfil your task of giving us a United and Progressful
Remove the evils of corruption and Lawlessness from off
our land
Illuminate our night with the strong light of your
political visions
Bring out the shining capabilities of nation and
And let Ghana shine once again, as the Black Star of

Come Addo Danquah come
Silence the noise of the greedy bastards, the evil dwarfs
and the Sharp Teeth
Imparadise our
ears with thy music of the coming New Ghana of progress
Come and tune the
harp of brotherhood into our mist,
From keta to Hamele, and from Half Asini to Garu-Timpani
From ketu to kyebi, and from Tano to Tono
Give us back the cup of wine of love that we lost in 4 wayome years
Bring once more days of Freedom and Justice, and peace
and Ghana-Pride

Come Give a message of peace to them that seek battle,
The ignorant Abudu and the ignorant Andani.
The Ignorant Ewe and the ignorant Asante
The ignorant NPPists and the ignorant NDCists.
Who told them all that they are each other’s enemy?
When they all are one in Beautiful Mother Ghana .

Come Give a message of hope to the desperate,
The Trokosi Children and the Kayaye Children
The pure Water sellers and the Scrap dealers
The shoeshine boys and the fishermen’s sons
The Cocoa Farmers’ kids and the Shea farmers’ kids
The hair dressers and the seams-stresses
The JSS Dropouts and the fitters’ hands.

Ensovereign our nation once more with nationalism
From the Makola Chinese shops to the armed foreign
From the the useless Ghana embassies overseas,
To the sold-off, and bought and paid KIA Airport
From the Immigration Service, Police and Customs
To the accountants, educationists and administrators
And most importantly, from Obama’s ill-intentioned
colonial “africom”
And give us once more, True Independence:
The control and use of our own land and resources,
Without any single inch of foreign control
So as to rest in
peace the wish of our founding fathers.
Who warned us against an inch surrender
Of our land to ANY foreign people
Mere humble dust we are (Ghana), we yet do not lie on the
To be carpet under beauty’s(foreigners’) feet.

Nana Adu-Dankwa
Akuffo Addo,
That student of Equiano and Aggrey and Sabah,
We are desirous to be taught by thee,
The secrets of these words:
‘Ghana is a Rich
Country, it can afford Free SHS Education’
Tell us the secrets of the words: ‘Ghana can still be
Tell us the secrets of the words: ‘Ghana Can Rise Again’
‘Ghana is the Black Star of Africa, the pace-setter for
Democracy and Peace and Unity’

Since that great master’s (Nkrumah’s) first election
No one has set our souls aflame like you, Nana Addo.
Wrapped in our wayome shrouds, we rested under corrupt
We saw no resurrection, no hope, and no new birth
But Before the eyes of that sage of Tanoso
There blossomed the whirlwind-harvest of the Jubilee oil
A banker source of hope for your free SHS education
As it has been done in Libya and Saudi and Venezuela and
So can it be done in Ghana and Gabon and Angola.

After the Great Aggrey
And the Great Nkrumah
And the great Danquah
And the great

Another Reformer we have seen in you,
Who truly can Redeem Ghana, and reform Ghana,
And Move Ghana so much forward

So Come Nana Addo Dankwa Come
Come take us back to the great Ghana of African and world
Come take us backhome to Sundiata and Mansah Musah
Come take us backhome to Nana Asantewaa and Naa Gbewaa,
Come take us backhome to (ewe & ga greats)
Come take us back to Aggrey and the Osagyefo,
Come take us back to the Great and free Ghana that must
once more be

Come, Nana Come.
Vote Ghana, Vote
Vote Nana Addo Danquah
Vote Wisely, don’t vote wrongly.
Voting unwisely would be too expensive for all Ghana
A mistake we cannot make this time.
Vote Ghana and a New Ghana and a prosgressful Ghana
Vote NanaAddo danquah Akuffo Addo for a NEW Ghana !


Come Addo Danquah come
Come Deliver us from the hands of wayome and Greedomy
Come deliver us from “weak government and bad government”
Come deliver us from gargantuan corruption and Bingo Embezzlement
Come deliver us from the continuation of these dreadful

We saw the realization of the promise of NHIS,
School Feeding Programme, and Metro Mass Transit
Which they said as they say now,
Was not true and not possible,
But which happened
before our very eyes
We need no Michael nor even a Gabriel
To tell us that Free SHS IS A NOT POSSIBILITY

Let us therefore vote wisely by voting Akuffo Addo
It would be the greatest mistake of our country and century,
To vote Wayome and Greedomy and dwarfomy
It would be the greatest mistake of our century,
To vote failed promises and serious corruption,
And another 4yeras
of presidential jogging autopsy abrogation

Aboah William and Amoah George,
And Allotey General and Army Commander,
Is it true that
you were assigned,
To investigate 5 aircraft and Embraer’s hanger
And that others were also prevented
From presidential body autopsy and bi-partisan probe?

35million Wayome dollars,
Could create heaven in Agbagblo-shie, Te-shie and
A hundred and seventy million Mahama dollars
Could create manna in Goma, Gomoa and Damongo
Thirty-five million Merchant-Ibrahim Dollars
Could provide free
SHS education to all volta and all Asante
And a bi-partisan Presidential probe
Would have given Ghana more peace,
And a good rest to the soul of the Asomdwehene

What good can be expected from bodies with no souls,
The Greedy Bastards and the little dwarfs
And the sharp teeth and the Sheigun Banza
Who take away the burning passion from the Ghanaian heart,
And leave behind mere grief and woe
They are a poison served in Tsombe’s cup,
Which , therefore, mirrors death for us, instead of life
for us.
Why should we return the fate of this great nation,
To the hands of these faithless and heartless Wayomites

John Jerry Rawlings
That vocalist
of Probity and Accountability
Who Called it a weak government and also a bad government
And swore a revolt inside it no matter what.
Why then should we
trust dear mother Ghana
To the hands of such impending catastrophe and mayhem ?

Dear Motherland Ghanaian Electorate,
This is Truths of a new kind that I make you grasp
Do not think I am drunk without an honest draught of
Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo is your man to vote,
If it is a new and progressful Ghana you desire

Between us and his great rule is his electoral win
For every great presidential vision owes its being
to electoral victory
Its all lost if Ghana votes wrongly again this year
Ghana would then be sent back years into gloom and doom
Despite its great resources and potentials.

Reflect a little on this, respected Ghanaian electorate
And endeavour to find out the meaning of this mystery
‘Free Education is a possibility in gold and oil-rich Ghana,
And Nana Akufo Addo is the man right man now,
To bring us a New Ghana’
A Ghana that will shine once again, as the Black Star of

Come, Nana Come.
Vote, Ghana Vote,
Vote Nana Addo Danquah
Vote Wisely, don’t vote wrongly.
Voting unwisely would be too expensive for all Ghana
A mistake we cannot make again
Vote Ghana and a New Ghana and a prosgressful Ghana
Vote NanaAddo danquah Akuffo Addo for a NEW Ghana !

©Alhaji Mubarak, Tamale (northernvoicesgh@yahoo.com)