General News of Monday, 3 December 2012

Source: Madina Constituency NPP Coordinators

Statement: Mahama betrayed late President Mills – Group

We wish to bring to the notice of all Ghanaians and the world at large certain actions of the current President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama which clearly shows his blatant betrayal of the late President Mills under whom he [Mahama] served as the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

This betrayal shows how NDC as a party within its rank and file knows how bitterly they have betrayed the trust that Ghanaians reposed in them.

Ghanaians expected that the NDC would heat above the standard set by the former Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufour. But they failed.

The revelation below shows how NDC as a party has thrown away the confidence that Ghanaians have in politicians to the extent that today all politicians are seen as liars.

Today, NDC have unscrupulously employed some nefarious members going round the country telling the unsuspecting Ghanaian voter that all politicians are the same; they promise but don’t fulfill their promises. This is a wicked lie.

Some of President John Mahama’sactions of betrayal are as follows;

1. JOHN MAHAMA’S PARTICIPATION IN THE IEA DEBATE Democracy upholds good governance and transparency. It is in line with that the Institute for Economic Affairs [IEA] organizes both Presidential and Vice Presidential debates for parties with representatives in Parliament. The main purpose of this exercise is to afford these political parties the opportunity to outline their vision and polices to the Ghanaian electorates. It also enhances accountability since the ruling government would be subjected to scrutiny form the citizenry. Just recently, the late president, president Mills openly refused to participate in the IEA 2012 presidential debate and the NDC as a party rubbished the IEA and slandered it as follows;

That the IEA is biased towards the New Patriotic Party

That the IEA Committee members do not have integrity

That the NDC has better platforms than that of the IEA to market their candidate

That they want to follow convention where sitting presidents do not participate in the IEA debate series

President Mahama has been heard on many occasions indicating that he will continue with what the late president left behind. Fellow Ghanaians, what has suddenly changed that the same NDC once again shamelessly swallow back their own vomits?

Ghanaians want to know the following;

Since when did IEA stop being biased towards the NPP?

Since when did the committee members of IEA regain integrity?

Is it that the NDC has exhausted all of its campaign platforms and now sees IEA as one of the platforms?

Why didn’t President Mahama [then the Vice President] advise the late President Mills to participate in the IEA debate?

Is it desperation on the part of President Mahama to market himself in order to hold on to power? Or

It is a clear betrayal of President Mills and vindication of Ghanaians.

2. THE JUBILEE [FLAGSTAFF] HOUSE SAGA Fellow Ghanaians, do you remember the Jubilee house saga? We were in this country when the late president Mills both in opposition and in government told Ghanaians that he did not like the idea of putting up the Jubilee house; to the extent that he promised never to use the edifice should become the president of Ghana. Lo and behold and true to his words, when the late Mills became the president he deliberately refused to operate from the jubilee house to the extent that out of hatred the original name of the edifice was secretly changed from the Jubilee House to the Flagstaff House? What a shame!

However, following the demise of the late President and Mahama becoming the sudden President of the country, in his [Mahama] policy statement speech to the nation, he indicated that he has instructed a committee to facilitate his [Mahama] movement to the House by making sure that all security threats are dealt with. As we speak, the Vice President has Nichodamously moved to the Jubilee house.

Ghanaians want to know;

Why did President Mills deliberately refuse to operate from the Jubilee House?

What advice did Mahama and NDC give to the late Mills?

Is it that the late Mills never listened to the cry of Ghanaians?

Why has the president secretly asked the Vice president to operate from the Jubilee House?

Why hasn’t himself moved to the Jubilee house up to now?

Fellow Ghanaians, could you remember that President Mahama made a move to bury the late Mills at the Jubilee House? But for the hue and cry of Ghanaians to remind president Mahama that the late Mills did not like and refused to move to the Jubilee house no matter causing financial loss to the state for the past three and half years, President Mahama would have buried the late President Mills on the very land that the late president hated to operate on.

Fellow Ghanaians, don’t you think that the refusal of the late President Mills to operate from the Jubilee house as against President Mahama’s declaration to operate from the same house is a clear betrayal on the part of President Mahama and a vindication of Ghanaians?

3. UNITY IN NDC When it became palpably clear to the extent that the doubting Thomases become certain that disunity and odium for one another in NDC was tangible, the late president vehemently denied the existence of such revulsion. On many occasions, the late president stated that there was no problem between himself and the former president Rawlings when in actual fact, former president Rawlings clearly stated on many occasions that he had problems with the then sitting president Mills and that his problems were as follows;

That the late present surrounded himself with greedy bastards [including Pres. Mahama]

The amount of corruption in Mills government is overwhelming

The integrity of presidency and Social Justice have BEEN thrown to the dogs

Insults and lies have taken over the entire party [NDC]

The NDC has lost the 2012 general elections 8 months after winning power in 2009

Why has the former president up to date failed to mount the campaign platforms of the Mahama led NDC government? However, President Mahama on the other hand in his acceptance speech in Kumasi spent over 70% of his speech talking about disunity and disrespect for one another in the party and the need for unity in the party. He emphatically stated that Disunity and conflict in the party [NDC] was poorly managed in the past. What a betrayal!

Ghanaians what to know;

Is president Mahama accepting the disunity in NDC as a fact as against what the late president Mills vehemently denied? For Mahama saying that the disunity was poorly managed in the past, is he calling the late Mills a poor/bad manager? Or he is just confirming what majority of Ghanaians saw?

Was [is] Mahama not part of the Management team that superintended over the bad management of the Problem?

If he says that problems in the NDC party were poorly managed, is he not as well calling himself a bad/poor manager?

What role did Mahama play in managing the problem that he himself described as badly managed?

In any case, was Mahama not the same person who told the whole world that the late president made him take over the management of the country? Why didn’t he use that opportunity to resolve the problem in the party?

Since when did President Mahama cease to be among the greedy bastards as described by the founder of NDC, his Excellency, Jerry John Rawlings?

What integrity has president Mahama brought to the presidency when in actual fact his personality has become synonymous to corruption in Ghana?

How can president Mahama cure his tongue of insults and lies?

Fellow Ghanaians, for president Mahama’s to accept and describe the management of problems in NDC as poor as against Late Mills’ denial of such problem amounts to betrayal.

4. JUDGMENT DEBT SAGA In the area of corruption in Ghana, Ghanaians have witnessed an unprecedented misuse of public funds where the late Mills’ Government recklessly blew away tax payers monies to questionable individuals and companies thereby sending shocking waves down the spines of international communities who give Ghana Loans and Grants. The foreign partners are worried about how the NDC government has over the past almost four [4] years mismanaged Ghana’s funds.

Monies were recklessly paid to companies such as C.P, Waterville, STX and many more.

Individuals were equally paid monies in the name of judgment debt. Today, the individual whose name sent the NDC and Ghana into the black books both national and international communities is “MR. ALFRED AGBESHIE WORYOME”

Surprisingly, dead bodies have their names in the books of NDC government as beneficiaries of judgment debts in Ghana. What a dark government Ghana ever have in the fourth republic.

When Ghanaians questioned such reckless payments, the late president told Ghanaians that;

He was not interested in how much money was paid as judgment debt

He was not interested in who these dubious recipients are

He was not interested in how such monies find their way out of the Country’s Consolidated Fund.

But rather, he was interested in those who caused the liabilities.what a vindictive posture.

When it became very clear that the nation in the first place was not under any liability to pay such debts but rather the payments came as a result of incompetent, negligent and corrupt officials of his own government, the late president was found wanting putting in all forms of feeble efforts to make himself and his government look good.

However, President Mahama admitted and collaborated what Ghanaians have been saying that such monies were wrongly and irresponsibly paid. President Mahama in his speech indicated that he has ordered that all monies that were wrongly paid should be retrieved for the state. What a contradiction! What a betrayal and what a vindication! Ghanaians want to know

Is president Mahama committed to fighting corruption in Ghana?

Why is his Attorney General Mr. Kumbour running away from the public accounts committee on the Woryome, CP cases?

Why has Mr. Kumbour refused to comprehensively pursue the case at court?

Or is it that as President Mahama is noted for, here too ordered/instructed Mr. Kumbour never to pursue the case We want to state that for President Mills to profess innocence and denial of recklessness in paying such judgment debts for Mahama to openly oppose his predecessor and acknowledge it as a fact is a clear betrayal of the late president and vindication of the Ghanaian.

We want to however state that taking President Mahama for who he is, Ghanaians should not expect anything substantial from him because has no moral authority to expect incorruptible practices from his own workforce.

We want to conclude by saying that perhaps the only things President Mahama could be credited for in honoring the late President the Tribal Politics Game that he [Mahama] is playing. The late president played it in the Central Region and he [Mahama] is now playing it in the North. The second credit is the bamboozling religious mystification of the unsuspecting religious Ghanaian voters. Other than that since when has President Mahama become so religions that he wants the Ghanaian to see him as God-fearing. As for this time, this wicked trick will not work.

God bless Ghana, God bless NPP, and God bless everybody.

Jointly released by 18 New Patriotic Party (NPP) Electoral area of Madina Constituency Coordinators

Signed Nuhu Banson Madina Constituency NPP Coordinators