Diasporian News of Monday, 26 November 2012

Source: Sarpong, Justice

NDC, Where Is Sunyani College Of Education?

President Mahama and his NDC moribund campaign team in an effort to revive a campaign on life support have taken lying to the stratosphere. Now they have been distributing computers to schools and people who live on Mars. Can anybody tell me where Sunyani College Of Education is? Ndc is desperate to hold on to power so they have resorted to lies to flummox and adumbrate Ghanaians to vote for them.The lying baby teeths and rotten planks announced three days ago that, they have distributed 100,000 computers to University students around the country and named some schools and students that have benefitted from this thoughtless policy meant to only buy students vote.

The problem is that, one school they named and said have received 100 computers for its students only exist in the imagination of President Mahama. They named Sunyani College of Education.The irony of it is that the so-called Sunyani College of Education, which popped up on the list, does not exist. The so called 100 students are ghost students whose names were lifted from Osu cemetry. Are they anything sacred to these Ndcians that should be respected and left alone? Can they leave the dead to rest in peace? Mahama Presidential campaign is getting comical like Hassan Ayariga's coughing.

Another school which the lying bastards listed as having received computers came out yesterday and said not even one student from that University was given a computer. The officials of Pentecost Univ, have come out to deny having received any computers so where are these computers? These computers are coming to markets near you like Makola and Kejetia markets soon after the elections. The NDC foot soldiers have no use for these computers after the elections, win or lose, hopefully, LOSE.

Most of the people who have received the so called computers are NDC foot soldiers who are not even students. Ndc in an effort to make it look like they are popular has adopted this free computer nonsense to provide their student and foot soldier supporters an access to computers so that they can flood the various websites and comment favorably on articles favorable to John Mahama and NDC and to resort to insults when the said article is about Nana Akuffo Addo and favorable to NPP. This is evidently clear when you go to NDC leaning Joyonline where anytime there is a poll, these hired internet rats flood the place like bees on honey to vote for Mahama. The same NDC that said everything free is of poor quality is distributing free computers. I guess the computers are of poor quality, what a bunch of confused Yahoos we have ruling(Ruining) our beloved country. Are their free Exercise books and Chinese made school uniforms of poor quality too?

NDC and Mahama lied about 1.6 million jobs created

NDC and Mahama lied about 1,775 schools under trees elimination

NDC and Mahama lied about free160 million Exercise books distributed

NDC and Mahama lied about 3 million free school Uniforms distributed

NDC and Mahama lied about Trators to farmers-AYARIGATE

NDC and Mahama lied about 100,000 free computers distri bution

NDC and Mahama lied about Cuba scholarship

NDC and Mahama lied about Wa Regional Hospital

NDC and Mahama lied about cedi stabilization

NDC and Mahama lied about free Chinese stadium gift at Cape Coast


Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas