Feature Article of Saturday, 24 November 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mahama, Stop Lying, You Are Running For A First Term

Sarpong, Justice

Is lying part of President Mahama's upbringing? Where in the constitution is it stated that every President is guaranteed a two terms? If the Presidency is a guaranteed eight years rule, then why do we hold Presidential elections every four years? During the IEA debate on wednesday November 21st, President Mahama answering a question stated that;

"the Constitution of Ghana gives every President two terms. " Is that true? Yes and No. The constitution does not guarantee every President two terms. If it did, there would not have been any need to hold Presidential elections every four years. Anyway, Mahama, you are not running for a second term.Mills Presidency ended the moment he passed away and you are just a temporary hired to complete the last five months of Mills administration.

Why does Mahama keep lying on simple things that can easily be checked? The constitution Article 66 makes it clear that a president holds office for a four year term but can serve a second term subject to re-election. It is because it is not automatic but subject to elections that expensive elections are held every four years to let the people decide.

Is it because Mahama has not read the constitution and does not have a clue of what the constitution says about the duration of Presidential term in office that is why he made a mockery of himself when he has to answer a question without the aid of prepared notes? Any married man that can have children hapharzardly with other women he is not married to ought to be a good liar and that is what we have seen in Mahama. The man is a pathological liar.

During the first IEA debate held in Tamale, he lied about the 250 Ghanaian Medical students sent to Cuba for training. He said it was going to cost six(6) million dollars to train these students for six years when the actual cost was thirty seven point five(37.5) million dollars. Did he deliberately lie to cover something sinister? You bet he did. We are paying double the amount Malawi students sent to do the same program are paying. We are paying $150,000 to educate one Doctor for six years while Malawi govrnment is paying $80,000 to educate one Doctor for six years in Cuba like the Ghanaian students. In every contract Mahama has signed, everything is "DOUBLE DOUBLE" He has upped the corruption ante from 10% to 100%

Anyway, let's get back to Mahama lies. Is Mahama even running for a second term? If Mahama is running for a second term, does it mean if he won, he will not be eligible to run in 2016? Mahama is not running for a second term. Mahama is now a temporary hired President to conclude Mills first term as President. Mahama is therefore running for a first term like everybody else in the race.

In his closing argument during the wednesday IEA debate, the salt praising itself as delicious said that, he is the first sitting President to have participated in Presidential debates in Ghana. That is really a ridiculous statement to make. Is Mahama aware why he is the President? HE IS PRESIDENT BY DEFAULT. Nobody voted for him as President but came to that position due to the demise of President Mills so he participated in the debates to enhance his his image and did not do anything extraordinary. Mahama initially said he will not participate but his own internal polls showed that, the debate will help him since the little Ghanaians knew of him was not a positive image but that of a philanderer who have many children with at least three other women he is not married to.

The question then is this; IS MAHAMA RUNNING FOR A FIRST TERM OR A SECOND TERM? My answer is that, President Mahama is running for a first term and therefore he should stop lying to Ghanaians that he should be given the chance for a second term or he would be forced out of the 2016 Presidential elections if Ghanaians make a mistake and elect him inDecember 2012. What do you think?

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas