Regional News of Thursday, 22 November 2012

Source: Narterh

Press Release From Get Together Movement (GETOM


BY: Daniel Osabutey (Initiator Get Together Movement)

The free Senior High School (SHS) promised by the New Patriotic Party which has generated interesting debates has taken an intolerable dimension. It is unfortunate such harmless campaign promise should degenerate into animosity and personality attacks. . Pastor Mensah Otabil’s opinion on Free education (which he allegedly made over a decade ago) made him come under a barrage of criticism. Education Watch continue to broadcast this controversial tape despite the protestations from the revered minister ( Pastor Otabil). He has vehemently registered his disapproval of the use of this tape for political purposes. For the sake of Peace and unity, Get Together Movement ( GETOM) is calling on Education Watch to stop broadcasting the tape to avoid heightened tension. Let’s all strive to keep an open mind to enhance professionalism and excellent performance.
GETOM is also making a passionate appeal to Pastor (Dr) Mensah Otabil to forgive all those who did make uncomplimentary remarks and also attacked his personality. Ghanaians love and appreciate the contributions of Pastor Otabil to the development of this nation and we believe he will forgive and forget so we continue to move forward as one people ‘’the sweetest revenge is to forgive ‘’
We are appealing to social commentators, media houses and politicians to be circumspect in their utterances, let’s eschew provocative commentary to keep national peace. Divergent opinion does not connote disunity, it only affirms our unique nature. Issue based discussions and tolerance are the way forward. God Bless our Nation Ghana.

Source: Adzigodi Dennis Narterh.