Feature Article of Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Columnist: Boateng, Emmanuel Agyenfra

The Whom You Know Syndrome Is Killing Our Intellects.

By:Emmanuel Agyenfra Boateng.

Forget applying for College of Education,Midwifery and Nursing Training and any of the security forces training schools if you don’t know any body.I know so many readers will have their personal reservations to make about this topic.A friend of mine who qualified for College of Education interview,still didn’t get admission because he knew no one.

There are so many of such people who are stranded and roaming about aimlessly because someone somewhere declined them the opportunity into achieving their aim.

Why should someone who willingly want to serve the nation go through hell before getting the chance to serve?

The various training schools end up admitting the wrong applicants some times.Last two years nursing students who sat for the exams,failed drastically and were all brought back to re sit their exams! Getting admission to a nursing school is the most difficult of all.

This year alone,those who even knew someone in the police paid as much as 3,100 GHC,where some of the Police officers were arrested.

If this WHOM YOU KNOW thing is not looked at,our dear nation will pay drastically for it in future.

Ghanaweb reported two prison officers were arrested for robbery and also about four soldiers and a Police officer.All these examples attests to the fact that,those who are commited to the job are left out and those who are in for diabolic reasons are allowed to come in.

I urge all and sundry who are victims to this painful tactics not to loose hope but to pray for God’s favour.

(EMMANUEL AGYENFRA BOATENG.emmanuelagyenfra@yahoo.com