Feature Article of Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Columnist: Edusei, Eric Kwabena

Can President Rawlings Vote For NDC?

In the art of poetry, former President Rawlings would be described as a symbol of a paradox. However, unlike many political prostitutes who parade in the corridors of power for their own personal aggrandizement, you can credit him with one thing, his unbending principles and where he stands on issues. How do we expect President Rawlings, a renowned statesman, to compromise his principles on accountability and probity when the state coffers are subject to public loot? If the NDC is indeed an off- spring of the PNDC, then they have deceived and failed this nation, and have to apologize for the behavior of some of their followers who have no knowledge of the defining ideology of the party. The vampires should know that Ghana’s democracy has emerged with a price, some people have died while others have suffered immeasurable consequences with the hope that this nation will redeem her image only to fine some evil dwarfs and others with sharp teeth plunge this nation into economic decadence.

How do we justify the pain and suffering, lost of lives and properties by our founders’ vis-à-vis the alarming rate of corruption and greed in our country? What changes do we see in our lives to warrant the rise of our foreign debts from $8.5 billion in 2008 to $21.5 billion in 2012 (last 4 years)? What infrastructural developments have gone on in the last 4 years to justify GC 28($14) billion in public debts? Are our leaders managing this nation well or just re-distributing the national cake to their advantage? Ghana is on a perilous journey, a mess that requires God’s intervention because we cannot take care of ourselves in the midst of plenty.

So soon, Ghanaians have forgotten that former President, Jerry Rawlings has access to information more than any individual in Ghana. He is privy to many of the wide deals around which probably drove him to label certain cream of people as greedy bastards, vampires who have conspired to suck the life blood of Mother Ghana. He unveiled the heightening levels of crime long before Kennedy Agyapong’s info on Woyome’s gargantuan deal and other judgment debts which saw government officials defending nation wreckers. Wow! Wonders will never end which explains why the former president does not speak with Woyome!

It is now obvious that the health of our late President, Prof. Mills, did us more harm since he was incapable of taming the kids with huge teeth, the evil dwarfs and the vampires which explains why we(Ghana) are ranked 9th among the worst mismanaged economies in the world. Yes, our late president was not criminally minded and we can all attest to that but his inadequacies propelled the loot of the national coffers. How do you explain a scenario where government officials would plead with a Judge to settle a claim for $14 million when the trial Judge has indicated his ruling for the state to pay $1.5 million? Does some of our leaders have brains or just greedy and dumb? Go to the villages and see how people who consider themselves as Ghanaians are suffering while the very few live in abundance. President Rawlings cannot condone the spate of crimes in our public domain or support an agenda that puts the whole nation at risk.

Presently, we have serious problems irrespective of our economic endowments. We live in hopelessness with about 6.9 million of the population operating below the poverty level. This period in our lives is consequential of our lack of managerial incompetence, greed and corruption from top government officials down to our political leaders. There seems to be no genuine leaders in our nation today as people manipulate the system for their own agenda. There are no penalties for serious offenses committed by the rich and affluence i.e. all commission of enquires end up in the gutters. Where is the value for so many loans that we have contracted; how come that our own political leaders are defending nation wreckers who have connived with other citizens to saddle the nation with judgment debts? What is going on as we look in desperation to see these Chinese nationals shred our economy into pieces under an executive presidency? Today, morality has been compromised nationwide as people sell their bodies to supplement incomes etc. The economic imbalance is very hugemongus and having a serious effect on most Ghanaians who are living in abject miserable. Our nation is in a very serious mess and we need serious minded people to shepherd this nation to the promise land. This is not an adventure to be sponsored by former President, Flt Lt Rawlings because it is off course.

Ghana is a nation flying without wings. In our sober modes, we need to reflect deeply on the future of our nation because we cannot reward incompetence by voting the NDC into power for the second term. Is NDC a government of accountability and probity which have officials defending looters of our national coffers? How do we explain the rationale behind a party which claims to be social democrats and yet undermine a policy that ensures free education for all? Is it not an act of hypocrisy? How can the former president who believes in social justice align himself with a party that does not understand the plight of the citizenry? Let us be objective, how can a Koko or plantain seller come up with 10 million cedis to send his or her ward to SHS? Let us be real and accept the fact that the Free SHS policy is sine quo non to the development of our country .China, USA and Japan did it and so must we, if we if we want to ensure a solid platform for economic take off.

The NDC administration has incurred public debts totaling GC 18 billion in 4(four) years to be paid by our citizenry, farmers and fishermen alike. This debt amount EXCEEDS all the loans contracted during the 18 years CONBINED RULE of PNDC & NDC and 8 years rule of NPP. What infrastructure development does the NDC have to show to warrant this outrageous expenditure in 4 years, is it Kumasi road or railway line to Paga? The Late Dr Kwame Nkrumah, in his ambitious program did so much to diversify Ghana’s economy with less than $2 billion in reserves, if GC18 billion to date in public expenditure for only 4years for no serious infrastructure development is not gross incompetence then this world is coming to an end. This society is sick and needs one decisive leader who understands the intricacies in life and consumed with passion, devotion to service to help the poor and needy.