General News of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Source: Kojo Smith

Tony Aidoo is a thief- NPP

A pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) pressure group, the People Must Know (PMK) says the purchase of a luxurious vehicle and a piece of land by Dr. Tony Aidoo amounts to thievery and blatant corruption in the President Mahama led- administration.   

  According to the group, bigwigs of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), including Dr. Aidoo, in feverish preparation to surrender power on account of its abysmal performance have resorted to pilfering of the public kitty to enrich themselves.

The head of policy evaluation and oversight unit at the presidency is alleged to have acquired a luxuries state vehicle and land at a ridiculous prize, according to a Daily Searchlight publication on Wednesday. 

Addressing a well attended press conference in Accra, a leading member of the group, Samuel Awuku said the action of the NDC firebrand was a duplication of how some officials of the previous administration of the NDC led by Jerry John Rawlings duped the people of Ghana.    

Describing Dr. Aidoo as a phony personality whose relevance in Ghana’s politics is only confined to the realms of the politically uninitiated, he insisted that Dr. Aidoo behaved like a “common thief” by acquiring the said land and vehicle.  

  While providing documents to buttress its accusations, the group urged electorate to vote the NDC out in the December polls, insisting that it is only the NPP that can salvage the dwindling fortunes of the economy. 


Below is the full Press statement

Good morning distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to yet another session of interaction with the forum for ‘The People Must Know’.

In feverish preparation for opposition on account of its abysmal performance in government, the final lap of the John Mahama led administration has been characterized by blatant thievery which will forever remain legendary in the annals of our politics. This blatant thievery of members of the Mahama led NDC has manifested itself and continuously manifests in the areas of award of contracts for the provision of basic infrastructure, payment of dubious judgment debts, acquisition of state property at ridiculous prices and the award of fat salaries to members of government all with the tacit support of President Mahama. Thus, in a single digit inflation Ghana, a 6 unit classroom block which cost the taxpayer under GHC 80,000 (800,000 million cedis) four (4)years ago is now costing the Ghanaian taxpayer over GHC 350,000 (3.5 billion Cedis). This by simple calculation translates into a difference of GHC 270,000 (2.7 billion old cedis) per building. In a country where access to basic necessities of life remains a challenge millions of dollars are shared among government officials under the guise of servicing judgment debts. The Woyome example is still fresh on our minds.  Today whiles the paltry allowances of personnel of the NYEP and other lower income earners are in arrears, President Mahama in the midst of all these, has unconscionably increased his salary and that of his ministers retrospectively (effective January 2009) by margins which can at best be described as an insult to the poor. Where is the sense of sacrifice which we so require of our public office holders?

Ladies and gentlemen, evidence in the possession of this forum, indicates, that the Head of Policy Evaluation and Oversight Unit at the office of the President just as he did in 1999/2000 has once again used the position of his high office to dupe the people of Ghana by grabbing for himself a luxuries state vehicle. You recall how in 1999/2000 Dr. Aidoo’s acquisition of a state of the art BMW became topical after paying GHC200 for it.

According to official documents available to the forum, Dr. Tony Aidoo on June 29, 2011 paid an amount of GHC 6,200 (Six thousand two hundred Ghana Cedis) to SHARGAW VENTURES (Licensed Auctioneers). The amount represented full payment for the vehicle bought on auction from the Office of the President. This self acclaimed apostle of integrity has on any given occasion not only questioned the motive of his political opponents but has dented their image as well.

Indeed Dr. Aidoo’s vituperation is legendary and knows no bound as our revered men of God have not escaped his axe. Only days ago the Gen Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church became the victim of Dr. Aidoo’s indecent onslaught. Coming hard on the heels of his recent description of all ‘tongue’ speaking Christians as mad people, Dr. Aidoo described Pastor Otabil as a fake man of God who lacks integrity. It is however interesting to note, that beneath the pontification and self righteousness of Tony Aidoo is a phony personality whose relevance in our national discourse is only confined to the realms of the politically uninitiated. Tony Aidoo today stands exposed. Whiles he goes about yelling corruption and calling others corrupt, he just like a thief has surreptitiously been engaged in the business of grabbing state assets at ridiculous prices.

Vehicle               Presidential Registration Number        Chassis Number               Year of Manufacture
Ford Expedition            U.E. 64-09                                    1FMPU16545LA34486             2005
Following the payment, Dr. Tony Aidoo on September, 30 2011 wrote to the Commissioner, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority to facilitate change of ownership and re-registration of the vehicle. The processes have been duly completed thus, making Dr. Aidoo the self acclaimed apostle of integrity the owner.

Ladies and gentlemen, whiles auction of state vehicles is not new to us, there has always been a standard practice based upon which vehicles are sold. Thus;

  • Did the director of transport at the castle recommend the sale based on mechanical or technical fault?
  • Which report states the bases for this recommendation?
  • Was the report submitted to the Chief Director and subsequently forwarded to the Chief of Staff?
  • Who were the valuers? What was their report? 
  • Was the vehicle publicly advertised for other interested Ghanaians to bid?
  • Did Dr. Tony Aidoo offer the highest bid?
  • Was this particular vehicle sold alongside other vehicles in the presidential outfit or was sold at the behest of Dr. Tony Aidoo?
  • For a car with a street value of more than GHC60, 000 (six hundred million old Ghana cedis) can Tony Aidoo look into the face of Ghanaians and justify his action?
  • In view of this purchase, will Tony Aidoo be man enough to apologize to all those he has insulted before for legitimately owing property?

These are begging questions which demands urgent answers.
Again we find as rather intriguing that Dr. Tony Aidoo would be the one to flout the procedure given how vociferous he was in 2009 when appointees of the then NPP administration were said to have purchased their official saloon cars which were more than two years old.Although the purchase was legitimate within the confines of age-old regulations, Tony Aidoo was loudest in branding appointees of the NPP as nation wreckers. Again, whiles the age-old policy prohibits purchasing 4x4 vehicles, Dr. Tony Aidoo a serving public officer has purchased and re-registered in his name the 4x4 vehicle.
Fellow Ghanaians if a Ford Expedition vehicle with impeccable servicing history and part of President Kufour’s fleet of cars as a President could be sold for a paltry sum of GHC 6,200 then only God knows how much they have sold other state assets to themselves for?. How can you buy a Ford Expedition of Presidential specs for GHC6200. This is really evil! This is really criminal! This is very unethical! This is naked robbery!!  This is Machiavellian!!!

Fellow Ghanaians we on this forum will in these last days of this corrupt Mahama-Amissah Arthur administration urge all of you to open your eyes wide to monitor our boarders, the DVLA and other agencies of state where these looting brigade and babies with sharp teeth would seek to transfer our stolen assets into their name(s).

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, it is clear that the action of Dr. Tony Aidoo constitutes thievery of the highest order and must therefore be reprimanded. Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for the integrity of the very person who ought to reprimand Dr. Tony Aidoo and his likes. For a vice president whose boss (President Mills) constituted a committee to investigate his (president Mahama) involvement in inflating the prices of airplanes for the Ghana Armed Forces, we wonder if President Mahama has the moral high ground to do so.

Hopefully December 7 affords all of us with the clearest of opportunities to change the leadership of this country to enable us move forward once again. In Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo Addo we have an incorruptible leader who has what it takes to fight corruption. Indeed Nana Addo is Bold to declare ‘I am not corrupt; I have never been corrupt and will never be corrupt’. Unfortunately we cannot say same for the sitting President.
Let’s vote for a leader we can trust.
Thank you and God bless us all.