Feature Article of Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Columnist: Nuhu, Kashaa

Why NPP Know They Have Lost Election 2012.

It is becoming increasingly clear to the NPP that, victory is starring straight at the ruling NDC come Dec 7. Nana Addo and his disciples are running helter-skelter looking for cover by the presence of Rawlings, the founder of the NDC in NDC’s campaign. Immediately the founder made his intention known to some council of elders of the ruling NDC to hit the campaign trail, adrenalin began to pop up within the opposition causing a good number of the members of the opposition NPP to perspire.

The flag bearer of the opposition NPP Nana Addo thinks he could play smart on the former President, little did he know “Papa Jay” is a “Kakistocrat” and smarter than Nana Addo thinks. He (NPP flag bearer) paid a courtesy call to the former President in the midst of uncertainties among the members of NDC to deepen whatever cold relationship that exist between the party and the founder. This tactics could not stand the test of time when the flag bearer’s antic was not capitulated to, by former President Rawlings. This is reason number one.

The woes of the NPP were deepened when they heard the founder of the NDC asked all NDP (a defunct party of NDC) aspiring members of parliament to put on hold their intentions and join their Mother party NDC to defeat the opposition NPP in the upcoming elections. This development became a worrying situation to Nana Addo and his NPP since they have to now re-write their notes to make amends. Sorry, NPP, time is not on your side and have to just concede defeat. You don’t depend so much on your opponents’ weakness but rather tell the good people of Ghana very concrete pragmatic policy of action. This is not only a blow to the NPP but also a knock in the countenance of NPP to attain soaring blot for the ruling NDC in Dec.

The NPP will lose; in fact have lost the Dec polls already for their own prattle campaign promises which lack authentication and substance. Instead of engaging in how to correct the mess within their party by addressing factions, camps and cracks of Akyem Mafiasm, and others, they are wasting precious time churning lies on President Mahama’s persona. NPP’s campaign is characterized by unsubstantiated allegations and character assassinations thinking Ghanaians are gullible and can force them down our throats. They just get hints of these wordplays when they realized the Rawlings’s are not going to make the elections tough for the NDC but instead linking up with the indefatigable Mahama-Amissah Arther ticket for smooth triumph. Apparently this is one of the flaws on the part of Nana Akufo-Addo that will let NPP lose the 2012 polls.

The NPP and their flag bearer currently have their hearts in their mouths for the simple reason that, the ruling NDC has a new leadership. This vibrant and more youthful post independence leader in the person of HE JDM is more marketable to Ghanaians as against the good old Pre independent “Oluman buggie” Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. The NPP’s earlier strategy to cast snarl on the health status of the good old PROF (May his soul rest in perfect peace) came to a sudden halt at the demise of the ex-President, John Evan Atta-Mills of blessed memory. This did not only cause hopelessness in the elephant’s family but has also brought deep cracks in their campaign strategy. Undoubtedly, the only option left for the opposition NPP and their flag bearer is to embark on lies and deception which characterized their campaign.

Interestingly, these developments in NPP led to the nick-name of their flag bearer by Ghanaians as “Mr. Freeman”. In an attempt to revitalize and add some bite to their campaign upon realizing the throbbing sound of the NDC’s better Ghana Agenda all over the Country, the NPP have to resort to lies, deceptions, fabrications and half truths. Nana Addo lied at the IEA debate in Tamale on the Health minister, fabricated and concocted figures to buttress his claim about a statement the GMA made on the training of Doctors and going round the country deceiving Ghanaians with his free SHS campaign. The opposition NPP know horribly well that, Ghanaians are not buying these deceptions and are going to clout the NPP in the face for taking them for granted.

Coming events they say cast their shadows. This statement is a confirmation by an opinion polls conducted by the EIU recently putting the ruling NDC ahead of the opposition NPP. The general secretary of NPP, Sir John as popularly known agreed with the polls but indicated that, the polls said “if elections were held today”. What the NPP’s scribe is confirming is that, the economy is good, Ghanaians are more comfortable as it stands now and are ready to give their mandate to the NDC which contradicts the NPP’s assertion of the state of the economy. The opposition NPP in their effort to lie to Ghanaians turn to expose their veiled intent of dishonesty and deception turning themselves into a laughing jackal that is hungry but deluding its prey for food.

The Nana Akufo-Addo led NPP are in the position of conquerors after conceding to the fact that, Rawlings was with the campaign team of NDC when they (NPP) beat the NDC in 2000 and 2004 elections. The then conquest NPP was led by former President Kuffour and not Nana Akufo-Addo. But when “arrogant” Nana Addo became the flag bearer of NPP, the NDC, led by the late Prof Mills, with the help of the founder of NDC vanquished the Nana led NPP. What has change in NPP with the same arrogant and pensive looking Nana being the flag bearer? These are clear symptoms to the NPP indicating a defeat is gazing at their face in these 2012 general elections.

By Kashaa Nuhu : jasenu11@yahoo.com