Business News of Monday, 12 November 2012

Source: myjoyonline

Expresso marks 2nd year of CLIQ with juicy packages

Expresso Ghana’s high speed CLIQ modem is two years old in Ghana, and the company is marking the anniversary with some freebies and juicy packages for its customers for a whole week.

Between Monday November 12 and Friday 16, 2012, customers of Expresso would enjoy freebies both on voice calls and data usage.

The company said it is offering free calls to all networks plus 100% bonus for every recharge from GHC1 to GHC20, for both calls and browsing on Monday and Tuesday.

“The bonus airtime can be used to browse and to make calls to other networks as well,” the company said. This is something that competition does not do because of the interconnectivity regulations which require every network to pay up to 4.5Gp to the network on which the call terminated.

Expresso said on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, it is offering a package called the “CLIQ Bundle Roll Over”, in which it would refund every unused data capacity on its CLIQ modem from the previous month after the customer tops up for the current month.

“What it means is that if the 30-day validity period expires and you still have some unused data capacity on your CLIQ modem, once you top up or buy another 30-day bundle for this month we will restore the unused capacity from the previous month and add it to the one you bought this month,” the company said.

Expresso said Thursday comes with the ‘Bundle on Bundle’ package, in which customers would be allowed to buy extra bundle unto their existing bundle ahead of the expiry date.

“So even if your current bundle has not finished and you need more capacity before the 30-day validity period expires we will allow you to buy additional bundle before the current one expires,” it said.

The company said it is giving new ‘Call plus Data’ plans on all of its Shake Up offers on Friday, adding that even though the Shake Up offers were strictly for voice calls, this time it is adding data to it so customers could also browse with whichever Shake Up plan they purchase.

Meanwhile, the CLIQ modem comes in five different bundle packages each designed to suit the needs of various categories of customers.

There is CLIQADAY, which comes with 100MB of data at GHC2, and lasts for only a day.

But all the remaining four packages last for 30 days. They include the CLIQ, which is 1GB of data at GHC15; CLIQREGULAR is 4.5GB at GHC55; CLIQPREMIUM is 6.5GB at GHC80; and CLIQGOLD is 12GB at GHC110.

A month ago, Expresso suspended the sales of the CLIQ modem in order to improve customer experience on it, and the company said it is confident the customers have since been getting better experience, and value for money.

Expresso is the only CDMA in Ghana with a subscriber base of a little over 178,000, representing some 0.7% mobile voice market share in Ghana.