General News of Friday, 9 November 2012

Source: The Daily Searchlight

Lee Ocran dumps luxury car; Blows $24,000 on new model

Minister of Education Ambassador Lee Ocran has forced his ministry to spend an amount of $24,000.00 on a brand new Honda Accord for his use.

This is in spite of the fact that he already had at his disposal a 2011 registration Honda Accord which was being used by his immediate predecessor, Betty Mould Iddrisu.

Upon his assumption of office as Minister of Education, the social democrat Lee Ocran decided that there was no way on earth that he was going to sit in the vehicle that Betty Mould Iddurisu sat in, and so the state had to fork out more money to buy him a new car, even though Betty's car was less than a year old and virtually brand new.

Since his arrival, Betty's car has been sitting at the ministerial garage at the Ministry of Education, slowly gathering dirt and rotting.

When Daily Searchlight visited the ministry yesterday, Betty's car, GR2926-11, was still parked at the place where it has been parked for months, gathering dust.

However the current vehicle that Mr Ocran has acquired, GW9928-12, was not around.

Mr. Lee Ocran, the Minister of Education, has strenuously kicked against the free secondary education policy being promulgated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the grounds that there is no money to implement it, and it has been suggested that with more prudent use of state funds, the policy could be achievable.

When he was called yesterday, Mr. Lee Ocran stated that he does not talk to the Daily Searchlight.