Business News of Thursday, 8 November 2012

Source: Luv Fm

Goil embarks on roadshows to market new range of products

Ghana’s leading indigenous oil company, Goil, is embarking on series of road shows to market its augmented fuels and lubricants.

The outreach programme has been planned between now and the yuletide to introduce Goil’s repackaged range of products to customers.

The Asafo Market Goil Service Station in Kumasi was the first stop over, where company specialists demonstrated the efficacy of the augmented Super XP and Diesel XP fuels.

Zonal Manager for the Middle Belt, Marcus Deo Dake, said products have been developed for segmented markets such as taxis, trotros, four-wheel drives and heavy-duty vehicles.

He told Luv Biz Report the focus of the five road shows is to expose motorists, especially commercial drivers, to Goil’s new tailor-made products “to help them reduce cost”.

“Competition is increasing and the company too is going through changes, so we feel we should send the products direct to the customers”, said Marcus. “Those days we used to just open filling stations and wait for the customers to come. It’s time we moved out to the customers and send our message to them because the products we’re selling are unique”.

GOIL in May this year unveiled its new corporate logo and new look station design as part of an ongoing rebranding drive to increase market share and be positioned to compete favorably as an oil marketing company in the world.

Mr. Deo Dake said the company is already reaping the benefits of the rebranding.

“So far so good”, he said. “We are still reaping the results and our volumes are going up. It’s not only the sales [but] we want our customers to feel good when they get to our stations because the company is for the customer; it’s a national company, so when they come to our premises we want them to feel good, very satisfied that they’ve come to do very good business”.