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‘Dumsor – Dumsor’ Poses Serious Threat to the Elections

Comment: We need private investment

Speedy Gonzales.
2012-11-04 05:27:37
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‘Dumsor – Dumsor’ Poses Serious Threat to th

The supply of energy is a major problem in most third world countries.In the supply of gas for instance,the demand far outweighs the supply.The are some teething infrastructure problems like storage and logistics.Yes it is a worry when there is no energy at our homes,workplace and our streets are plunged into darkness.But we must not only seek clarity on this issue only during elections.It is the governments obligation to provide as long the sector remains in the hands of government.I believe importation of liquified gas should not be a government business,the private sector must be encouraged to invest into the sector to meet demand.Government is involved in almost everything,electricity on the hand is another dinosaur,government after government promises heaps but not much is achieved.The private sector needs to come in to invest the needed funds,instead of the government continuous borrowing.

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11-04 03:47
We need private investment
Speedy Gonzales.
11-04 05:27