General News of Sunday, 28 October 2012

Source: XYZ

Contesting presidents shouldn't direct National Security - Percy

A leading member of the National Reform Party (NRP) is proposing that all Presidents refrain from directing national security during every election.

Dr. David Percy believes such a move will be a major step in addressing transparency among security officials and insecurity of ballot boxes during elections.

He said “for every national election for which the president is standing, has to recuse himself. The president would have to stand aside from directing the National Security. He is a candidate.”

This will ensure that there is transparency in the process so as not to create a situation where the other parties will not trust the command system of the security services.

Commenting on the brouhaha over who heads the special election security task force, Dr. Percy also said it is completely false that anyone appointed from outside his or her political responsibilities to head the special election security taskforce will bring transparency in the elections.

William Dowokpor of the Progressive People’s Party for his part proposed that an Electoral Commission Officer heading the special election security taskforce be it at the constituency, the region or national, will the most appropriate situation.

He said in the election period, the EC has the total control over what happens and its officers will provide a more neutral way of handling miscreants who foment trouble during the election.