General News of Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Source: myjoyonline

I want NDC to win December polls - Rawlings

Former president Jerry John Rawlings has stated, emphatically, that he has always wished the ruling NDC well in the December elections, placing on record that it has never been his desire to see the NDC in opposition.

He noted that his historic meeting with NPP’s flag-bearer Nana Akufo-Addo was misconstrued by many as an endorsement of the latter, which many in the NDC felt was a blow to the fortunes of the party in the run-up to the elections.

Former president Rawlings was speaking at the 3rd Freedom Power Lectures at the Coconut Groove Hotel in Accra on Wednesday under the auspices of the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy. The lecture was under the theme: "Corruption; a threat to democracy and national development."

“I am not saying that I want them (the NDC) to go into opposition,” he voiced out, and rather pointed out, “I would want them to win.”

He explained that his decision to welcome the meeting with Nana Addo was to step into the shoes of former president Atta Mills and treat opponents in a "desirable manner" so that he would not be regarded as “the trouble maker, the war monger”.

He wondered the hullabaloo that surrounded the aftermath of their meeting, chastising the NDC of trying to set aside the Asomdwehene accolade Prof. Mills stood for.

Mr Rawlings said all that he has been praying for and has been his concern, is that should the party lose the 2012 elections and go into opposition again, supporters of NDC can enjoy safety from the laws of the country.

Moreover, would the courts ensure that members and supporters of the NDC are given a fair deal and not persecuted like it happened after the 2000 elections where some persons who served under his government were incarcerated under the Kufuor’s regime?

Mr Rawlings spoke on the need for Ghanaians to derive their safety from the judicial system of the country: whether in government or not, everyone should enjoy the same protection, he prayed.

“Why should we derive our safety from just being in government? We are supposed to derive our safety from the judiciary.”