General News of Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Source: Daily Guide

NDC: Rawlings is under witches attack; he needs prayers

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) appears extremely confused about the game plan of the former President Jerry John Rawlings, an astute pilot and two-time coup maker.

Haruna Alidu, a presidential staffer, has offered an explanation for Mr. Rawlings's antics.

According to him, the NDC founder was no longer a man of “his own self, neither is he a man of his own mind”.

Speaking on the breakfast show of e-TV on Monday, Alhaji Alidu concluded that there was something supernatural about Jerry Rawlings's actions.

“What he has been doing is not natural, he is not doing so on his own, he is under a spell... and has been blindfolded; JJ is suffering from witchcraft attack. Jerry is a smart person and I don't think he is doing what he is doing with his clean eyes. You endorse a new party, but you won't leave your own party. Look at the confusion. You meet Nana Akufo-Addo, and you don't think there is something wrong? You make allegations without proof.

“Rawlings needs the prayers of all NDC members. Even men of God are influenced by spells. Even Prophet Mohammed suffered witches' attack, and Rawlings is a man and not more powerful than the Prophet, so he can suffer witchcraft attack. He needs prayers,” stated a bemused Alidu.