Health News of Friday, 5 October 2012

Source: Vodafone Healthline

A Step-By Step Approach On How To Deal With Constipation In Children

Indigestion can also affect children and the effects may be bad. The situation in children can be worse because of their inability to either talk or communicate properly with their parents. Children may not be able to tell their parents when they cannot pass out faeces but there are some children who go through the pain of constipation. The ‘kid’s corner’ in CIMG TV Programme for 2011, Vodafone Healthline will this week focus on what leads to constipation in children and provides some answers to parents whose children are suffering from constipation and how best they can handle that.

According to the Healthline panel of doctors, weaning children a little too early may cause constipation in children. They explain that restlessness, unusual stretching and lots of crying are signs of constipation in children and advise that parents seek medical attention for their children when they any of these severe signs – weight loss, itchy sensations around the anus, fever, abdominal swelling. Parents are also advised to give their children more vegetables instead of carbohydrates when they are experiencing constipation. The rest of the episode looks at the alimentary tract and problems that occur when there is a malfunction.

This week’s episode also re-visits 15 year old Stephen Morklah who featured in last season’s Healthline. His life was dramatically changed when he was electrocuted while he was playing in a tree. We see how he has recovered from the surgery which saved his limbs and how he has started living his life again.