Diasporian News of Thursday, 4 October 2012

Source: Kevin Kwame Boakye

African graduates in UK act to promote Africa’s positive image

Two young Ghanaian students whilst sharing an apartment in university developed a hunger for Africa and began a frantic search for video content on the continent in order to learn more. Their search brought them across some interesting material and helped them concieve some great ideas. They went ahead to share their findings with eachother as well as the facebook community, which prompted them to create ThinkInAfrica, a hub of good video content on Africa.

ThinkInAfrica (TIA)is an initiative which aims to source the most innovative and exclusive video content on Africa, with the aim of giving people a new perspective of the continent. It aims to change this by providing new imagery of the continent through video. “We do this by selecting the best video content about Africa that is inspirational, educational and valuable and moreover provides accurate and up to date knowledge about Africa.” says TIA. It is clear to see that it is common within Western culture for people to have the perception of Africa as a Charity case and not as an investment opportunity. It is mostly portrayed as a continent heavily governed by corrupt and undemocratic leaders, with no intention of working towards the betterment of the continent. However TIA aspires to promote the positivity of the continent by highlighting the growing economic development in Africa - now seen as a place for business opportunities and investments. TIA has video content which covers start-ups, investment, healthcare, and African development which reiterates this.

The two young men who had the vision and took the first steps towards TIA are Stephan Kwapong Eyeson and Kevin Kwame Boakye. Stephan a co-founder of the initiative, is a graduate in Theology, and was also named as one of the top 10 black students in the UK in 2011 by Rare Recruitment. Kevin, the second co-founder, is a graduate in Law, and is the founder of Africanintersnship.com. They are backed by a team of graduates from the UK who have a passion for the promotion of Africa's opportunities to be seen by Africans within Africa and the diaspora. They also hope to promote opportunities to SME'S within the UK and foreign investors.

TIA has launched and is aiming to build a community around its' site of those interested in discovering great video content on Africa. TIA is aiming to partner with the biggest conferences in Africa to broadcast their video content to the world, as well as media houses, in order to show that Africa is and has always been ready for business.

For further information about Think in Africa, please log on to http://www.thinkinafrica.com/ Follow us on twitter @thinkinafrica