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Gov't to build public university in Eastern Region - Veep

Comment: Wand Of Time

Adwoa Peadzeyei,NY
2012-10-01 07:13:01
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Growing up around late 60s and early 70s in the Central Region was fun,especially,during election season.Even later on in the early Rawlings dipensation was very succulent.The fishermen adorning in their parties'paraphernalias with brass band on display.There could be 2 political rallies,same day and time at different vicinities not far from each other.And the jubilation afterwards was a pleasant sight to behold.Supporters of different political parties mingling and dancing to the brass band.It is sad that I can only reminisce about it.Oh God! whenwill this scenario be revisited?Ironically,in today's Ghanaian politics,people follow with overwhelming passion,characterize by unimaginable insults and villification of their opponents.The hatred for each other is to the extend of jubilating at the rumours of an opponent's death.This is dangerous and dirty.Some also feel more Ghanaian and entitled to the presidency.It sounds delusional,But is illiteracy.They believe what the few educated,ethnocentic and arrogant among them tell them.I believe we should be circumspect,not to circumvent the truth with our articles and pronouncements.We should nurture our infant democracy and become the beacon of Africa the international community is beginning to acknowledge.With the visits of 3 successive American presidents,I think we are on the right path.Therefore,we should curb the arrogance,tribalism,pull-him-down attitude and self-importance in politics,and prevent it from degenerating into something that will dent our image as a country.God bless our homeland,Ghana.

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Wand Of Time
Adwoa Peadzeyei,NY
10-01 07:13