Diasporian News of Monday, 10 September 2012

Source: Communications Team NPP-Germany

Don’t Push Our Country Into Chaos - NPP-Germany Cautions EC

The Director of Communications of the New Party in Germany Mr Kwaku Anane-Gyinde has noted that the intransigence of the Electoral Commission (EC) to press ahead with the creation of 45 new constituencies despite widespread public opposition is suspect, questionable and a recipe for chaos in the December 7 elections.
Speaking on Obaapa fm, Mr Anane-Gyinde explained that the NPP is not against the creation of new constituencies per se but it is the methods adopted and the processes employed that have raised cause for concern saying `the issues are about the processes and the timing and not about the right of the electoral commission to exercise its constitutional mandate of creating new constituencies.`
According to him the entire process has been flawed from the onset as evidenced by the over 120 otherwise avoidable errors contained in the constitutional instrument (CI73) arguing that if the EC had exercised due diligence and taken the time to do its home work, the situation in the country would have been totally different.
Asked why the NPP has not gone ahead to elect it parliamentary candidates for the proposed constituencies, the communications director pointed out that as a party that believes in the rule of law and due process, it would be absurd and wrong in law to elect officers and parliamentary candidates for constituencies that do not exist. He therefore described the decision by the EC to supervise the election of NDC parliamentary candidates in these non-existent constituencies as very unfortunate as it casts doubts on the neutrality and integrity of the EC.
Mr Anane-Gyinde insisted that by such conduct the EC has compromised its role as an independent arbiter in the impending elections adding ` clearly, the EC has become an active participant and a willing accomplice in the commission of an illegal act against the people of Ghana’ and entreated all Ghanaians to register their apprehension about the conduct of the EC.
He reminded the EC that the political unrest and social upheavals that have characterized elections in other parts of the continent could be avoided in Ghana if the conduct of the December 7 elections is seen as fair, open, free and transparent. He urged all religious bodies, civil society organizations, organized labour and the student movement to raise their voices against the deliberate attempt by the EC to plunge the country into political violence.