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Sexy Lord Of Abortion III -Consent Or No Consent? - How Drah slept with his clients

Comment: Wicked Doctor

Twindzitwiba Nana Obuekwan II
2012-09-07 10:17:36
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Sexy Lord Of Abortion III -Consent Or No Consent?

This man is surely infesting this ladies with some kind of virus. which doctor in his right sense will f**k someone who have been F**K raw to be pregnant without a condom????
Very wicked indeed, he leaves his sperms there and later use his dirty tools to operate giving his sperms direct access to the victims wounds 100% infection.

Test him and if he has AIDs cut off his pen*s and let him live.

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09-07 05:10
Wicked Doctor
Twindzitwiba Nana Obuekwan II
09-07 10:17