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Mahama to launch SADA MVP in Tamale

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2012-08-25 08:36:16
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Mahama to launch SADA MVP in Tamale

This article is telling me that the late president John Atta-Mills economic team were useless, ignorant and imcompetent about their duties and responsibilities to counsel and advice the late president which include our present president John Mahama and if the late president actually travel to the U.S to appoint professor Jeffrey Sachs as special economic advisor and pay him hard current is and insult to Ghanaians because the late president was not sincere to the people he govern.Ghanaians should be careful with the sachses if Ghanaians may recall Ashgold brought in Goldman Sachs to counsel and advice the mining company in trading and procurement transactions and they do corrupt and dubious counseling and trading to bankrupt the company and now Goldman Sachs owns the company.It is a shame for the late president to travel to the U.S to beg for $18million from the professor Jeffrey Sachs while the UK has already given 18million euros for the project.The President said Ghana did not have $18million for the project but they have
(1) GHc 51million to pay Alfred Woyome.
(2)94 million euros to pay to CP.
(3)GHc 8million + $1.5billion to AAL.
(4)5billion to ghost.etc.
For if president Mahama is relunching SADA then it is clear that Mills was a deceiver they and the ministers share the UK 18million among themselves. If Ghana is that much dummy to let the sachses fool them to the core and bankrupt the nation.

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Re: Mahama to launch SADA MVP in Tamale
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