Feature Article of Sunday, 19 August 2012

Columnist: Fosu, John

The wicked queen ever to rule the jinxed town - Kumawu

The worst thing ever to happen to Kumawu is to have a clueless queen. She is not only illegitimate but also devoid of common sense, the basic requirement for efficient ruling. Out of crazy desire and determination to continue to milk Kumawuman dry, she has made overtures of greasing the palms of certain Asante paramount chiefs if they helped her realise her aim and objective.

What is her aim, one may ask? She wants to impose a person of her choice from her illegitimate Ankaase royal family on Kumawuman as the successor paramount chief to the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II. Her objective is to reduce the weakling she intends to impose on Kumawuman to a puppet. She will dictate to the person, oblige him to release any money in reserve for Kumawu Traditional Area to her. She will part with a portion of the money to certain Asanteman chiefs as promised to them and then keep the rest for herself. She does not intend to use any part of the money to develop Kumawuman. What an insatiably greedy, selfish and wicked queen she is.

She has been conniving with that "Tikenenkene" Kontrihene of Kumawu, Agogohene Nana Akuoko Sarpong and Kwamanghene Nana Ntori Kumunipae to dispose of almost eight hundred thousand (800,000) acres of Kumawu Stool lands situated in the Afram Plains to two foreign companies. Is there any wonder she is doing that? Has she not vowed to dispose of any inch of Kumawu Stool lands if only that will help her achieve her aim?

I will expose every ruin-intent move she makes but it is up to the Kumawuman citizens to resist her. I have said repeatedly that nobody cares about her senseless libidinal relationship with the Asante Overlord as two consenting adults. Nevertheless, the subsequent undue advantage Asantehene is taking to deprive Kumawu of a paramount chief to enable him control the Stool and the lands of Kumawuman is what annoys me. The fact he is enjoying free sex from an ignorant old woman does not in any way accord him that automatic right to usurp the powers of Kumawuhene.

I can hardly understand the total silence by the few rich men from Kumawuman. None of them is condemning the ruinous nonsense in perpetration by Kumawhemaa and kontrihene For their selfish gains, they have allowed Agogohene and Kwamanghene to sell hundreds of thousands of acres of Kumawu Stool lands. Kwamanghene as greedy as he may be has not only engaged in crazy lumbering activities on Kumawu Stool lands but also, selling the lands. He wants to maximise his gains before the installation of any future Kumawuhene if indeed there will be one any soon. The tactical dilly-dally by Asantehene is helping Kwamanghene execute his mischievous plans on Kumawuman.

I hold Asantehene responsible for all the ongoing silly actions by Kumawuhemaa, Kumawu kontrihene, Agogohene and Kwamanghene against the interest of the people of Kumawuman.

Whatever happens to Kumawu Stool lands, blame Kumawuhemaa and the Kontrihene for it. I have never come across wicked traditional leaders like Kumawuhemaa and Kumawu kontrihene in my life.

When will Asantehene truly behave as the acclaimed modern day King Solomon? I really do not see any traits of the Biblical King Solomon in him considering all his insidious delay tactics to resolving the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.