General News of Sunday, 15 July 2012

Source: Daily Graphic

Gas explosion kills school principal

Shock and grief overcame the staff and students of the Koforidua Government Secretariat and its environs Friday when the principal of the institution was killed in a gas explosion.

The deceased, Mr Enoch Ofosuhene who was believed to be in his early 50s, died when he attempted to put out fire from a small gas cylinder that had caught fire.

The incident occurred about 3.15 p.m when one of the female students went to fill her gas cylinder to prepare supper in front of the hostel on the school campound.

According to the grief-stricken students, when the student lit the cylinder, it caught fire immediately causing all the students in their dormitory to rush out screaming for help.

In a bid to save the situation from getting out of hand, one of the students is reported to have quickly rushed to the bungalow of the principal which is close to the school.

Mr Ofosuhene is reported to have responded quickly to the urgent call of the student and rushed to the hostel in his saloon car.

The students said when he arrived at the scene, he brought out a fire extinguisher but before he could get close to the fire, the cylinder exploded and tore into pieces.

“Some of the exploded metals of the cylinder hit our principal right in the abdomen, causing him to fall down. He bled profusely with his intestines having gushed out”, one student told

Part of the cylinder also pierced the principle'sright thigh, chopping it off..

Mr Ofosuhene, who was reported to have lay in a pool of blood for some time, was with the help of some of the labourers of the school, conveyed in a taxi to the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

With help of some of the labourers of the school, the principal was conveyed in a taxi to the Eastern Regional Hospital at Koforidua, where he was pronounced dead.

When arrived at the school, a number of the students and curious outsiders were seen trying to catch a glimpse of the torn pieces of Mr Ofosuhene's flesh and the scattered pieces of the cylinder strewn in front of the students’ hostel.

Four Fire Service personnel who had been called in by the students were seen advising the students on the proper use of gas cylinders.