General News of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Source: GNA

Bedrock of Ghana’s democracy has dried up - Rev. Kwasi Sarpong

The Most Reverend Doctor Peter Kwasi Sarpong, Archbishop Emeritus of the Kumasi Catholic Archdiocese, on Wednesday called on politicians to develop a political culture of truth and integrity to enhance the country's democratic process.

He said many political leaders, businessmen and others in leadership positions lack what it takes to be truthful to the people they rule or govern.

Most Rev Sarpong was speaking at the first in the series of freedom power lectures, 2012, on the topic: “Truth, Integrity and Democratic Development: How Ghana is Faring”, in Accra.

The event organised by the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy (CFA) was to afford Ghanaians the opportunity to tap into his in-depth knowledge on the development of the nation's democracy.

He said political leaders cannot hide the light of truth and integrity from the people as long as they are leaders.

He said before anybody dreams of entering active politics, the person should ask him or herself questions like am l prepared to help elevate the plight of the citizens? Am l really a Ghanaian and am l prepared to sacrifice for Ghana?

“Ghanaians should not joke with politics they way they do, If only the answer to the questions is no,” he added.

He pleaded with all politicians especially Christian politicians to promote truth and integrity to transform the "nation's political sense" for improved development.

According to the Emeritus Archbishop, the woes of the African were the acceptance of western system of governance.

He advocated the development of a political system that combined the traditional system of government to enhance the democratic credentials of the country.

Most Rev Sarpong said the reduction in the inflation rate, low bank rates and other favourable economic indicators were all valueless, if the citizenry are hungry for truth and integrity.

Mr. Andrews Awuni, Executive Director of CFA, said the lectures would be the centre's contribution to free and fair elections come December.

He said it would also contribute towards improving upon the quality of Ghana's political discourse. **