Feature Article of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Columnist: Damparum, Konlan H.

Mabengba Complicity In The Konkombas & Bimobas Conflict

Moses Bukari Mabengba Complicity In The Konkombas & Bimobas Conflict In Nakpanduri.

On the 12th of June 2012, on City Fm midday news the Northern Regional Minister was on air trying desperately to clear the air on what he termed lies and garbage that Bimobas are accusing him of being complicit in the conflict between the Konkombas and Bimobas.

The Regional Ministers’ desperate reaction has rather expose him the more. When did he finally get his month together to talk on radio? It is only when he thinks his name has been dragged in the mud and his job is threatened. When people were been killed and houses were burning he as the chairperson of RESEC he had no voice to talk.

When the conflict started on Sunday 3rd June 2012, where was the Regional Minister? He had no month then to appeal for calm in the area? His motives were very clear. He deliberately kept quiet and was looking on thinking that his brothers the Konkombas could just annihilate the whole Nakpanduri. That did not happen and it would never happen because we the youth will drop every blood in our veins to protect Nakpanduri and its environs.

We will repeat it at every opportunity we get that the Regional Minister Moses Bukari Mabengba is deeply involved in this conflict for the following reasons;

1. When the conflict started within that same week, there were conflicts in other parts of the country. For instance, in the Upper East Region, the Regional Minister Hon. Mark Woyongo was on air and television appealing for calm and despatching security to the area in Tongo. He actually paid a visit with RESEC to the area immediately to appeal to the various actors to calm nerves. In the Upper West and Central Regions, the Regional Ministers did similar things. Recently the Volta Regional Minister is on the ground in Hohoe appealing for calm and beefing up security there.

In the case of the conflict in the Nakpanduri, the Regional Minister never uttered a work on the conflict between the Konkombas and Bimobas. He only found it necessary to respond to allegations about his complicity in the conflict and blaming the media when he was accused after one week. If the whole RESEC chairperson should behaviour this way, what conclusion can the Bimobas draw?

2. The conflict started on Sunday 3rd June 2012 and it was only on Saturday June 9th that Regional Minister found it necessary to visit the conflict area. After a week when the situation had been brought under control by the security forces whom he instructed to shoot and killed Bimobas. That is the kind of RESEC that we have in Northern Region led by Mr. Mabengba. That is why he was not receive in Nakpanduri during his visit and will never be receive there in future.

3. The chief warlord of the Konkombas in Nakpanduri Samson Nambo, before this conflict was all over the place threatening and bragging that the Regional Minister is his brother and nobody can do anything to him. This is somebody who last year signed a bond to be of good behaviour when he tried igniting this conflict. He is the same person who masterminded this conflict yet the security forces cannot arrest him because the Regional Minister is his brother.

4. We have incontrovertible evidence on the complicity of the Regional minister on tap. If he dares us the youth of Nakpanduri, we will expose him to the whole world. We are giving this evidence to the Presidency and the National Security to investigate his conduct in this conflict. Can Mabengba deny that when the conflict was going on in Napkanduri he had a clandestine meeting with Konkombas and later with Samson’s wife? We will not go back into history to recount his ethnocentric comments between Konkombas and Dagombas in Parliament yet. He claims he is not a tribalist meanwhile he exhibited all the signs and symptoms of a tribalist in this conflict.

5. The Regional Minister as the chairperson of RESEC knew very well that Nakpanduri has no Police Station for over one and half-years now. What has he done about it? If he knew that the conflict between the Konkombas and Bimobas dates back 30 years as he mentioned on radio why didn’t he ensure that there is proper Police presence since anything can happened at any time.

These are few of the issues that we wish the general public to know but the more serious ones would be given to the National Security to investigate his conduct in this conflict.

Stay tune for more coming soon.

Konlan H. Damparu damparu@gmail.com Nakpanduri