General News of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Source: myjoyonline

Muslim leaders promise to get stolen Hohoe regalia

Muslim leaders in Hohoe have assured the Gbi Traditional Council they will assist in the search for the regalia said to have been stolen from the Palace.

The assurances come in the wake of a 48 hour ultimatum given by the Gbi Traditional Council for the Muslim youth to return the regalia or face the consequences.

Angry Muslim youth attacked the Palace of the Gbi Traditional Council Monday following the exhumation of the body of the chief imam who was buried on Sunday.

They destroyed properties of Torgbega Gabusu, who they accuse of ordering the exhumation of the body.

The action led to a reprisal attack by loyalists of Torgbega Gabusu and the Gbi Traditional Council.

The ensuing clashes led to two deaths and properties destroyed with the Regional Security Council imposing a curfew in the area.

At a meeting with the GOC of Southern Command Brigadier General Martin Ahiaglo, the Gbi Traditional complained about looting of regalia by the Moslem youth when they attacked the palace on Monday.

They therefore warned that Moslem youth have until Friday to return the stolen regalia or face the consequences.

Spokesperson of the Moslem youth, Alhaji Anas Dawuda assured they will assist in the search for the regalia.

“We assure you that anybody in possession with those things we will make sure they return them. We are indeed disturbed with whatever is going on,” he told Joy News correspondent Agbeko Ben Coffie.

He is worried the clashes will destroy the healthy relationship they have built with Togbega over the years.

Meanwhile Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam, Baba Issah says the Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu is yet to be informed about the stolen regalia.

According to him, the Gbi Traditional Council did not raise the issue of stolen regalia when they met the National Chief Imam on Tuesday.

He however assured the Imam will be informed and the necessary action taken to restore law and order in Hohoe.