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Armed robbers kill a soldier and civilian on Koforidua-Adawso road

Comment: Always fled,Always fled.

2012-05-28 13:29:57
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Armed robbers kill a soldier and civilian on Kofor

No armed robber will ever wait for the Police to arrive.That is as simple as that.Our Police need to do a better job and come up with new ideas to fight crime.If they need to learn more new techniques there is nothing wrong to learn from or team up or ask for help from the UK or American police.How long are we going to be reading they fled they fled.If you think they will be waiting for the police to come you better rethink.We our govenments should also relise is that security is not cheap and never be cheap.We need to have our men well equiped and swift.They need better modern gadgets and vehicles.They need helicopters sometimes and trail these runaway robbers.Just be the judge.

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05-28 10:09
Always fled,Always fled.
05-28 13:29