Entertainment of Saturday, 26 May 2012

Source: Nii Kotey/AfricanPromo.com

Ghana Can't Joke! ::: Like Seriously?

Unfortunately the painful truth. Let’s be fair, Ghanaian comedy has gotten just a pinch better, but even that is still a ‘below average’.

Time and time again, Nigerian Comedians have stepped on Ghanaian shores to embarrass our own ‘quasi-comedians’, effortlessly achieving what our comedians sweat to fail at. At times, it even feels as if the crowd is grateful that their show has been saved during these comedy events.

Save the sometimes-rather-average Funny Face, the Comedy industry looks a complete joke- I see the irony, but what will you call a bunch of three Comedians who, combined, master a maximum of five laughable utterances on a supposed night of laughter?

This is not another very long article. It is an intro to a dirge for the Ghanaian comedy industry, an embarrassment to Ghanaian Show business, and stakeholders have done their bit to support a previously non-existent industry. Now it’s up to them that really matter, the comedians, to raise their game or quit the craft.

It’s high time these Acts realized that they perform as comedians- not idiots (pardon me); comedy is not exactly dumbness. When a comedian performs and fails to connect with the audience then there is something wrong. Perhaps the Ghanaian Comedian ought to master the one-liners, introduction, posture, gesture, tonation, interaction with audience, memorable quotes and punchlines. The Ghanaian comedian must in fact master all the basics.

It’s been at least half-dozen years our Nigerian counterparts have ruled our comedy territory and perhaps our Acts can learn a thing or two from them. If the occasional ‘broken’ English works for them, our ‘pidgin’ can work too. No need to impress with a joke translated from a local dialect to English- please.

KSM has proven that Ghanaian comedy can score a distinction, Funny Face proves that it’s not all doom and gloom. The Comedy Industry, all of them (comedians), must prove that they were born to Stand-up. Class and standard delivery should replace mediocrity.

Ghanaian Show business needs a revival from her last born. Comedy must send a positive vibe. Ghana must joke!**